Internet Art

Although we have seen an influx of online exhibitions as physical art spaces have shuttered during quarantine, one art form has always been accessible via the world wide web: internet art. Internet art encompasses multiple mediums and is often forged by and for the online experience. This includes images, music, videos, video games, and even whole websites, rendering the online world a tool, an exhibition space, and a canvas for all sorts of art to coexist. Here are a few areas of the net that host these virtual artistic spaces: 

the wrong biennale 

This site hosts multiple links to internet art and resources. Explore around and stumble upon some thought-provoking, mesmerizing, and just plain weird artistic corners of the internet. The Vector Festival is especially cool to check out; it has videos, exhibitions, and even video games!

it’s doing it 

On this website, nine artists created artworks that were programmed or manipulated in some way by a previous code or set of instructions to continually update and change during the run of the show. Although the show is not updating in real time anymore, you can track the changes by clicking on the archived dates of the exhibition and see how the whimsical instructions affected each work. 

Now that you’ve seen some examples, check out these resources for making your own online art online! 

Random Art Generator-pick a word, any word, and see what appears!

Bomomo-pick a unique shape pattern and click around to create surprising abstract paintings!