Elemental Elements I

Judith Golombowski  

Elemental Elements I 

Ink on paper 


This abstract paper piece plays with dimensions and textures to evoke a landscape, specifically the Peruvian landscape. Here is what the artist said about the piece and the series it comes from:

I created this work as an undergrad at UWM. At the time I was studying the Nazca lines in Peru and I created a body of work from the study. This was one of the few pieces I made out of paper. Most of the other works were rendered in clay sculptures.

In this piece I broke down the Peruvian landscape into basic design elements. I mainly focused on the element of line, experimenting with variations of line properties to further abstract the landscape.

This piece is currently hung up in the Union’s computer lab on the first floor, framed in a deep enough frame to be able to see the piece’s two-dimensional and three-dimensional qualities.  

Judith Golombowski is a lecturer in the art department of UW Parkside. Along with attending UWM, she also worked as a graphic designer in the Union and was the program manager of the Studio Arts and Crafts Centre for three years. 

Visual Description: An asymmetric, gray-white paper piece on a black background. There is a rectangle cut out near the top of the piece and diagonal cuts have been made on the right side so that two rectangles of paper are pressed down with a skinnier rectangle of paper left up. The top and right side are straight whereas the left side and bottom have a jagged edge indicating that the paper was torn. From left to right, there is a wash of grey then a sliver of bright orange and then a gray-blue tapered line. There is a stripe of blue on the right side and then splotches of blues and orange in the rest of the white space.