Black Lives Matter

The Union Art Gallery stands in solidarity with the Black members of our UWM and Milwaukee communities. We support the ongoing protests for justice and reform and are committed to social justice through our exhibitions and programming. We will continue… Read More

Food in Art

Today, we are bringing the history of food in art to you through various sources. Choose your own food adventure!  START HERE: Get a brief overview of the enduring history of food depicted in art here.  Then, choose your path… Read More

Textile Art

Last week, we showed you the work in our collection by @tfortextile, so this week we thought we’d give some textile art resources that will hopefully inspire you all to seek out or make more fiber-related art. Looking for inspiration?… Read More

Writing in Art

This week’s care package explores the various ways artists have used writing/language/words in their artistic practice—and invites you to try making your own art!  Artists like Barbara Kruger, Lawrence Weiner, Jenny Holzer, and Glenn Ligon have famously utilized phrases to convey meaning in their work. A local example of… Read More

Space and Art

This week’s care package will take you on a cosmic adventure of art in space!  First, we start in the Earth’s stratosphere with Makota Azuma’s Exobiotanica project. In this project, Azuma and his team recreate the still life at nearly 100,000 feet by launching a weather balloon with a bouquet of flowers from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. He also launched… Read More

Performance and Place 

This week’s care package is themed Performance and Place. Milwaukee is host to many renowned performers and we want to introduce you to two of them.  The first artist is UWM’s esteemed film professor Portia Cobb. In 2018, Cobb reimagined Fo Wilson’s sculpture Eliza’s Peculiar Cabinet of Curiosities with her performance Rooted: The Storied Land, Memory,… Read More

Easter Egg Hunt  

Easter Egg Hunt   This week’s care package is themed Easter Egg Hunt. Through google, the Rijksmuseum offers a “street view” tour of their impressive collection allowing you to digitally wander their halls! Can you find all the artworks on our list? Are you up… Read More


Garden   This week’s care package is themed Garden, based on the exhibition Garden from Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.   Here is a link to the show: Garden.  Be sure to click on the artwork you enjoy as you can zoom in to see more detail. Our favorite piece in… Read More