Playing with Art

Today’s care package is all about play and fun, with a little learning along the way!  First, we start with Eleanor Macnair, who recreated existing art out of Play–Doh! Working in unconventional mediums can often spark new ideas for other… Read More

Book Art

Artist books often complicate the notion of what a book is or could be. These books can resemble a traditional book but they can also be sculptural, asymmetric, or even include no pages at all.  With all the different ways… Read More

Protest Art

Protest art encompasses various acts, creations, and lenses that seek justice through creative means. It also transcends styles, techniques, and media, allowing anyone to partake in artistic protest with any materials available to them. A protest sign, a mural, a… Read More


Fashion is an incredibly pervasive art form in day to day life, popping up in many forms of entertainment, media, and in social media especially. For many, fashion plays a unique role in crafting identity and influencing personal taste. The… Read More

Local Virtual Exhibitions

Yesterday was the premiere of the virtual 2020 First Year Experience exhibition! You can check it out by clicking the link in bio for the previous post.  In addition to our online exhibition, there are other exhibitions in the Milwaukee… Read More

Pride Pt. 2

You know the drill—three themes, lots of great sources!   Comics  First up, virtually explore the exhibition titled “Sequential Self: Female, Non-Binary, Trans, and Queer Voices in Comics and Zines”  Want to find and support more LGBTQA+ comic artists like… Read More

Pride Part 1

June is Pride Month, so the care packages for this week and next week will be celebrating LGBTQAI+ history and art from a variety of sources and contexts.  This week’s links fall under three overall categories:  MATERIAL CULTURE  Check out… Read More

Art for Justice

Today’s Care Package shows how art can be used to enact justice and includes ways to take actionable steps and support organizations who work towards dismantling systems of oppression, specifically in policing and the prison industrial complex.  First up is… Read More

Black Lives Matter

The Union Art Gallery stands in solidarity with the Black members of our UWM and Milwaukee communities. We support the ongoing protests for justice and reform and are committed to social justice through our exhibitions and programming. We will continue… Read More

Food in Art

Today, we are bringing the history of food in art to you through various sources. Choose your own food adventure!  START HERE: Get a brief overview of the enduring history of food depicted in art here.  Then, choose your path… Read More