What is Pantherfest?
The Annual Pantherfest is a celebration of the new school year for not only students, but for the entire campus community. Put on by a team of students and staff, Pantherfest includes not only a concert down on the Summerfest Grounds, but also a Street Festival by the UWM Fountain.

What else is happening other than the concert?
Before the concert, the University will be hosting the Panther Street Festival by the UWM Fountain. There will be activities, music and food. Use your Pantherfest ticket or UWM ID to get access to free food and beverages.

3 – 6:30pm
Panther Street Festival
Free food, games, DJ, henna tattoos, UWM Fountain Courtyard

5:30 – 9pm – ***Times subject to change
Buses Departing Street Festival – Arriving at Summerfest Grounds

7 – 11pm
Enjoy the concert!! American Family Amphitheater

9pm – Midnight
Free Rides to UWM
Buses Departing Summerfest Grounds – Arriving at UWM Kenwood Campus

Where can I pick up a ticket?
Tickets are available:
Aug. 27-Sept. 6 – Student Union Information Center (Ground Floor)

 UWM Students will receive one FREE ticket. With a valid UWM I.D.

Students can purchase 2 additional tickets for $20 each.
Faculty & staff can purchase 2 tickets for $20 each.

Students will be able to get one free ticket in the Student Union concourse. On September 7, they may also be picked up at the Panther Street Festival located around the UWM Fountain or at the American Family Amphitheater Box Office. Students must present a valid UWM ID.

Students can also pick up two additional tickets for $20.00 each at the UWM Student Union Information Center.

What about faculty, staff and alumni?
Faculty/staff can purchase up to two tickets for $20.00 each starting on August 27 at the University Information Center in the UWM Union (ground floor). Faculty/staff must present a UWM campus ID at the point of sale.  No alumni ticket sales will be available for Pantherfest 2019.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes; starting on August 27, UWM students can purchase up to two additional tickets for $20.00 each at the University Information Center in the UWM Union.

How can I sit next to my friends?

You may notice on your ticket it looks like there are seat assignments, there aren’t.  Pantherfest is general admission.  If you want to sit next to your friends, show up with your entire group at the same time.  If you are riding a shuttle down to the grounds, you will want everyone to get to the Street Fest at the same time to pick up a shuttle wristband.  Everyone will need to have the same color wristband to sit together.  If you do not show up early enough to get a wristband, no problem.  Your whole group will be able to sit together as long as they show up together.

What is priority seating and how do I get it?
Priority seating is the seating closest to the stage, plus the pit area. The first few thousand students to take a shuttle bus to the grounds will receive a wristband that will give them access to a priority seating area. The first shuttle leaves at 5:30 p.m. from the Panther Street Festival. Seats are not assigned or reserved, your wristband will only give you access to a general area.

How do I get down to the Summerfest grounds?
You can take a free shuttle bus from UWM. Shuttle buses will begin from Panther Street Festival at 5:30 p.m. – ***Time subject to change.

Starting at 3:00 p.m., parking at the Union Structure will be $2.00 for the night. Park here on campus and take the free shuttle down to the Summerfest Grounds.

The last bus down to the Summerfest Grounds leaves at 9 p.m.

You can also use your UPass and take the 10, 30, or GRE to the Summerfest grounds.

What can I bring into the concert?
In an effort to keep PANTHERFEST safe and secure, bags allowed on the shuttle buses within the Summerfest Grounds must be no larger than 9” x 6” x 3”. *
Attendees are prohibited from bringing the following items to PANTHERFEST:

Camelback-style Packs
Picinic Baskets
Cans or Bottles

Smokables, Drugs or Paraphernalia
All substances banned by law

Pepper Spray
Banners/Signs/Flags on Poles

Recording Devices
Pro Grade Video Cameras
Pro Grade Video Equipment
Pro Grade Audio Recorders
“Selfie Sticks”

Pets *
Laser Pointers
Glow Sticks/Bands
Lawn Chairs

*Service Animals allowed at the discretion of Summerfest security staff.

How can I get the best seats?
Show up early for the Panther Street Festival for a shuttle bus down to Pantherfest. The first few thousand students to get on the shuttle buses will receive a wristband for priority seating.

What if I want to leave Pantherfest and come back later?
Sorry, there is no reentry into the Summerfest grounds. Once you leave, your time at Pantherfest is over.

Can I use my ticket to get into Indian Summer?

Yes!  Friday night only.

Who do I contact if I need accommodations?
Please contact the UWM Student Accessibility Center at sachelp@uwm.edu.