Book Art

Artist books often complicate the notion of what a book is or could be. These books can resemble a traditional book but they can also be sculptural, asymmetric, or even include no pages at all.  With all the different ways to interpret the idea of a book, the sky is the limit with book art. 

The care package this week offers up some inspiration with various examples of book art. After browsing these online collections, go ahead and make your own book art at the Studio Arts and Crafts Centre’s book making workshop, tonight at 5pm on Instagram Live! Make sure to head to their page on Instagram @sacc_uwm and RSVP before 5!

First up is a collection close to home-the Special Collections at UWM Libraries! You can search through their book art collection or you can check out the themed online exhibits. We really like this interactive exhibit, Another Place, which allows you to look at book art from around the world! 

Next is this database of artists’ books, which you can browse by title, artist, publication date, or collection. You can read these books by navigating to their image tabs and clicking through!  

Interested in diving deeper into the world of book art? Thinking about making your own or supporting artists working in book art? Check out Printed Matter, Inc.! They have resources and information for artists and enthusiasts alike, plus plenty of art for sale, including some free digital downloads. They also have other printed materials and items, showcasing the variety of printed art that is being utilized in our contemporary time.

We hope you enjoy these various resources on book art! Head over to @sacc_uwm and sign up for the workshop at 5pm tonight on Instagram Live to try your hand at creating your own book!