UWM Surplus has Discounted Computers

Surplus has a limited number of Apple and Dell laptops and desktops for sale, only to UWM students, for $20-$50. Students must pay cash. The Apple iMacs have macOS 10.13.6, High Sierra, installed, which is the most current version they can support. The Dell devices have Linux installed and the student may install Windows (available from wiscsoftware.wisc.edu).

To access, contact UWM Surplus Manager Andrew Avery-Johnson at averyjoh@uwm.edu or 414.659.1391. He is available 8AM-4PM Mon-Fri, at the University Services and Research Building north of 1st & Capital Drive. Call ahead of time for an appointment and he will meet the student buyer outside the (labeled) Surplus Door.

Students can contact the Dean of Students Office if they do not have access to technology, and need support.