Dean of Students Office (DOS)

Student Union 345
Twitter @uwmdos

The Dean of Students (DOS) promotes a campus culture that supports and enhances students’ personal and academic success and is caring and accessible for students, faculty, and staff.


Students, staff, and others come to the Dean of Students Office to seek help resolving student-related problems on campus and to seek support in times of crisis. We also work with students to resolve fee appeals and support individuals who need to withdraw for severe medical reasons. While we attempt to work with students individually, we often consult with others to determine the best way to support students and the campus community. The Dean of Students Office leads two specialized committees:

Campus Assessment, Response, and Education Team (CARE). Strives to identify, assess, manage, and reduce potentially harmful or threatening behavior. The team works with anyone (student, employee, non-affiliated persons) who may pose a threat or concern to the UWM Community.

Student Support Team. This committee advocates for student success and fosters a campus community dedicated to the promotion of students’ health and wellness. The team meets regularly and collaborates with faculty and staff in identifying students in distress or deemed at-risk, and coordinates interventions and referrals to appropriate departments depending on the circumstances.

The Dean of Students staff also meets with faculty and staff on student concerns. Finally, the Dean of Students Office coordinates campus communication and care in the event of a student death. The Dean of Students Office will work with families, students, faculty, and staff to plan appropriate memorials.


The Dean of Students Office guides students to be ethical, responsible and respectful community members by addressing conduct on campus and in the surrounding communities. DOS supports students’ rights while holding them responsible for their behaviors. As such, all reports and complaints are investigated to ensure that UWM is a safe learning environment for students. Faculty, staff, and students may submit reports of academic and non-academic misconduct to the Dean of Students Office. The Student Expectations section of this handbook outlines the academic and nonacademic standards expected of every student. Any student behavior, on or off campus, of individuals or groups, that violates or infringes on these expectations may become a matter for action within the University’s academic or nonacademic misconduct process.

To Submit a Report or Concern:,, or 414-229-4632 Submit a report to inform the Dean of Students Office of academic or nonacademic misconduct and students who you are concerned about. The Dean of Students Office follows up on all reports.

If it is an emergency or you need immediate assistance, contact University Police at 9-911 from a campus phone and 414-229-9911 from a cell phone.