Access 2 Success (A2S)

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Access to Success (A2S) is a series of campus-wide initiatives designed to help students achieve greater success, especially during their first year. The goals and actions of Access to Success are embraced by the entire UWM community and include a continuum of initiatives starting with recruitment and culminating in graduation.

FIRST YEAR LEARNING COMMUNITIES  Through the Access to Success initiative, interventions such as Peer Mentoring, Tutoring, First Year Seminars, Supplemental Instruction, and Undergraduate Research have led to greater student success and retention. It is the goal of Learning Communities to develop an environment that combines effective instructional methods, co-curricular programs and High Impact Practices to lead to academic success and stronger connections to campus.

TUTORING, SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION AND TEAM TEACHING We offer tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) for more than 120 100- and 200-level classes in all subject areas, especially for math, science, social science, humanities, foreign languages, and business. Over 100 UWM peer tutors are available to guide you through your courses, answer questions about your assignments, review past lectures, serve as academic coaches, and prepare you for upcoming exams. Our services are free to all currently enrolled UWM undergraduate students.


Your best source of information and encouragement is your assigned academic advisor. Make an appointment early in the semester so that you are well acquainted with your advisor before the rush of registration begins for the next semester. There are many other student resources and support services available to you as a student on the UWM campus.