Student Government

Student Union EG79

The mission of the Student Association (SA) is to enrich the student experience at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee through representation, advocacy, and the funding of services and activities that improve student life.

The SA is structured with a Senate, an Executive Committee, and the Oversight and Appeals Commission.

The Senate is comprised of:

  • 5 Freshman Senators
  • 10 At-Large Senators representing the entire University
  • 15 Academic Senators representing the Schools and Colleges
  • 10 Advocacy Senators representing: International, Graduate, Commuter and Transfer, Non-traditional, LGBT, Students with Disabilities, Student Organizations, veterans, students of color, and women’s advocate.

*Students may also address issues pertaining to their academic program as a Program Representative.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President of Student Affairs, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and up to four other officers.

The Oversight and Appeals Commission is where students can get support for parking appeals, mediation for students and members of student organizations, and appeals for student organization funding.


There are over 150 positions available for students on University committees. Most student members of committees are appointed by the SA. Students can become part of these committees by completing an application on the SA website. Students make a valuable contribution to the quality and focus of University decisions. Please contact the Student Association for more information.