UWM Respectful Campus Standards

Bullying is unwanted offensive and malicious behavior which undermines an individual or group through persistently negative verbal or psychological abuse. There is typically an element of vindictiveness and the behavior is calculated to threaten, undermine, patronize, humiliate, intimidate, or demean the recipient.

Cyberbullying is the use of electronic devices to convey a message in any format (i.e. text, image, audio, video) that defames, intimidates, harasses, frightens, stalks, or is otherwise intended to harm, offend or humiliate another individual or group of individuals in a deliberate, repeated, hostile or unwanted manner under the perpetrator’s true or a false identity.

Physical bullying is pushing, shoving, kicking, poking, and/or tripping; assault or threat of physical assault; damage to a person’s work area or property; damage to or destruction of a person’s work product or personal property.

Verbal bullying is repeated slandering, ridiculing, or maligning of a person or persons, addressing abusive and offensive remarks to a person or persons in a sustained or repeated manner; or shouting at others in public and/or in private where such conduct is so severe or pervasive as to cause or create a hostile or offensive educational or working environment or unreasonably interfere with the person’s work or school performance or participation.

A student who believes he or she has been the subject of bullying, or an individual who believes a student has engaged in bullying behavior should report the behavior to his or her advisor or a faculty member, the Chair of the Department, the Dean of the School or College, or to the Office of the Provost. Students may also report acts of bullying to the Office of Equity and Diversity. If the bullying is based on protected class status as defined in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Equal Employment Opportunity policy, it should be reported (See Hate/Bias reporting below). Students may also report bullying behavior to the Dean of Students Office. Bullying behavior will be investigated and handled in the same manner as any other misconduct, and may result in a variety of possible sanctions up to and including removal from the institution.


UWM defines a hate or bias-motivated incident as any disruptive conduct (oral, written, graphic or physical) that is against an individual, or individuals, because of their actual, or perceived, race, color, national origin/ancestry, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, veteran and National Guard status, marital status, pregnancy, political affiliation, or arrest/conviction record. To report any hate/bias incident go to uwm.edu/eds/hbr/.