Advocacy for Graduate Students

Graduate Student participation has always been a concern of SA. As the founder of the Graduate Student Representation Committee, Reed Heintzkill, said “In coming to UWM in 2016 for my Master’s, I saw immediately that there was little cohesion nor cooperation among the graduate student population in regards to issues of concern to graduate students.” Over the last 2 years, SA has done some research into what services and support are offered to Graduate Students, which is still ongoing, and ultimately found that some of the support like the Graduate School Advisory Committee was not actually effective, and so in the Spring of 2018 founded the Graduate Student Representation committee, a SA committee dedicated to helping to improve the graduate student experience here at UWM.

If you would like to know more about what GSRC does, contact them at

If you would like to sit on this committee fill out this Shared Governance Form found on Engage.

There are many opportunities for Graduate Students to get involved here on campus. There are 2 Graduate Student Senator positions, fill these vacant positions by obtaining 25 Graduate Student Signatures Fill an Open Senate Seat Signature Sheet and completing the online application.

There are also several other committees you can sit on throughout SA and the university! Like the Academic or Non-Academic Misconduct Hearing Committees, Search and Screen Committees, the Library Committee, and many more. Checkout the Committee Page or contact Josh Rivers, the Campus and Community Outreach Director for more information.