HeadshotCandidate NamePosition SoughtMajorCandidacy Statement
Mia HerediaMia HerediaPresidentCriminal JusticeHello! My name is Mia, and I am currently pursuing a masters in criminal justice with the hopes of also pursuing a masters in African and African diaspora studies. My career goal is to work in the Federal Bureau of Investigations and reinforce the justice and advocacy focused on youth who are survivors of child sexual abuse. My passions include advocating for BIPOC youth, uplifting survivors of abuse, and using my platform to emphasize the voices of those who do not have one. As a graduate student, I believe that UW-Milwaukee has an abundance of potential to be the most inclusive and diverse campus in the UW system. Currently holding the titles of Campus and Community Engagement Director, Student Outreach Ambassador, and Graduate Equity Team Lead has gifted me with working alongside students at different points in their college experience at UWM. To both create and maintain an inclusive and diverse campus, I believe we should be both actively holding our university accountable and uplifting the voices of minority student populations.
Sinyetta HillSinyetta HillAt-Large Senate SeatPolitical ScienceMy name is Sinyetta Hill. I am a sophomore and Political Science/Pre-Law major. I am currently an At-Large Senator and am running for this position again. I am looking forward to working with other members to meet the needs of students at UW-Milwaukee. I am especially excited to advocate for mental health, and women’s needs on campus. However, I will be advocating for the student body entirely.
Sanjana SunkaraSanjana SunkaraAt-Large Senate SeatBiomedical Sciences (Radiologic Technology)Hi! I'm Sanjana and I'm majoring in Radiologic Technology. I was part of the student association this year and hope to continue through my time at UWM! I am interested in being an at-large senator for the purpose of helping in any way I can. As an at-large senator, I would have the opportunity to choose what project(s) I want to be involved in and have a free range of helping. Being a freshman senator I learned a lot and I want to be able to put into perspective all the things I have learned. There is always room to grow in so many aspects of a community. And I believe I can make good contributions as an At-Large-Senator.
Amanda HolzerAmanda HolzerCollege of Letters & Science Senator SeatConservation and Environmental ScienceHello fellow students! My name is Amanda Holzer, and I am running for the position of an Academic Senator for the College of Letters and Science. I am a Conservation and Environmental Science major in the Honors College. I have served as a Freshman Senator and worked on multiples pieces of legislation, planned a listening event for freshmen to speak to their senators, and attended meetings with the Regents and the Chancellor to better the life of students here at UW-Milwaukee. My first goal for my term is to continue to advocate for safety in classrooms, exams, and other aspects of campus for College of Letters and Science students, as well as all students, during the COVID-19 pandemic. My second goal is to use my meetings with the Dean’s and Department Chairs to advocate for issues the students at the College of Letters and Science. My third goal is to hear from the students by organizing events, virtually or in-person, where students can address their concerns and questions. I am hopeful to continue to advocate for all students, and I am thankful for your support!
Sarah SwartwoutSarah SwartwoutFirst Generation Student Advocacy Senator SeatBiologyI am a first-generation sophomore majoring in biology and I hope to continue my education and eventually have a career in dentistry.

Being a first-generation student gives me insight on what other students like myself need to thrive in a fast-paced academic environment.

If elected for the First-Generation Advocacy Seat my main goal will be to ensure that students have adequate financial literacy skills by working with the Inclusive Excellence Center on campus to create an outreach program for first generation students who need guidance on how to finance their education with information on scholarships as well as the FASFA and other loan options.

Another goal I have is to ensure students' academic needs are being met now that many courses have been adapted to an online format by making sure students are aware of all the resources that are available to them here at UW-Milwaukee such as the Supplemental Instruction program.

Since about forty percent of our student body here at UW-Milwaukee identifies as first-generation it is crucial that they are given the tools and support they need to be successful and if elected I will strive to achieve that.
Reed HeintzkillReed HeintzkillGraduate School Senator SeatEngineering PhDI have been working to represent graduate students' interests at UWM since my first semester as an MS student in 2016, and have made significant advances in grad student representation within Shared Governance during my times serving as a Senator and in other leadership capacities. Servant leadership is a passion of mine, and my way of giving back to the community I represent and the University at large. In these later stages of my graduate career, I am focused on engaging both fellow graduate students as well as our undergraduate peers and students in mentoring participation in UW governance. These are extremely trying times for our TA/RA/GA community, and I hope to help us all get through forthcoming difficulties through leadership by example, diligence, and optimism.
Sydney PittnerSydney PittnerHelen Bader School of Social Welfare Senator SeatCriminal Justice & Political ScienceMy name is Sydney Pittner. I served as an At-Large Senator for the 2020-21 school year, and I'm very excited to now be running for Helen Bader School of Social Welfare Senator. I have built quite a bit of experience with social welfare-related advocacy, both prior to and during my time at UWM. I have had the pleasure of lobbying for criminal justice reform at the state capital, conducting independent research at the Wisconsin Resource Center, and moderating a panel discussion titled "Life After Prison," which featured expert speakers from across the state. The Helen Bader School of Social Welfare is dedicated to improving society by providing its students with the knowledge and skills needed to influence social change. I intend to represent this mission by pushing for increased student engagement both with other HBSSW students, and the greater Milwaukee community. In addition, extra efforts should be made to strengthen the existing partnerships HBSSW has with Milwaukee organizations. It is especially important during these times that we mobilize students' knowledge and skills in order to serve the community, as well as provide students with work experience.
Monika MarripudiMonika MarripudiInternational Student Advocacy Senator SeatMasters in Health Care InformaticsHi,
I’m Monika and I am pursuing masters in health care informatics. I am in my first semester. I still can’t believe that I am contesting in the elections to be an International Student Advocacy Senator. Its been a month since I landed in Milwaukee. It still feels surreal that I am living one of my dreams. Being in the first year of graduate school I know how hard it is to settle for an international student. As a foreign student my self I know how many challenges you face while settling. That is the reason I am stepping in to make your journey easy and fun throughout. I strongly believe there is so much to be done in many aspects to support students who live thousand of miles away from home.
Before we get into the serious part, Let me tell you about me. If you want a clear idea about me, then all I can say is I am a mix of ‘Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S , Caroline Channing from 2 Broke girls (except am not rich and my father isn’t in the prison!!) along with a tint of Max’s sarcasm’. My journey starts from being the silent one at school to being the loudest through out my college. My life is an example of how a shy timid girl changed into a public speaker. I get my inspiration from my supportive independent mom who manages to do everything. And from my personal critics my father and my brother. I came from a land full of colors and mysteries and of course a place where Baahubali was made. (just kidding) I am your girl next door who likes to sketch, dance and finally travel.
Now let me tell you about my 3 agendas I want to implement.
Firstly, I will make sure every student can make their voice heard and express their opinion on every aspect related to running of the school, regardless of faculty, year or any other factor. Each and every decision that the university takes will be well informed to you. If you have any complaints, I will be very approachable where you can directly call me and convey your problem.
Secondly, I will make sure the funding and scholarships for international students come to UWM. I will campaign for it and make sure every deserving candidate gets a scholarship.
Thirdly, my plan is to bring all the UWM multi-cultural associations together to arrange cultural events throughout the year. These cultural events will be an opportunity for us to learn more about each other’s cultural background such as language, food, music and traditions.
So then why should you vote for me? And what is my experience? I have experience in being a part of student council. I was elected as a student council secretary in my college for two years and I am very fortunate to represent my college and my peers in many debates and cultural programs. Because am a fresher, I believe I will be impartial to the matters related to school and I promise I will give my best. More than all, I want to be your friend, a good supporter, a helping hand and moreover someone who would like to work a few more steps with you.
Please vote for me!
With regards,
Monika Marripudi
Aidan ShankAidan ShankSchool of Architecture and Urban Planning Senator SeatArchitectural StudiesDuring my time at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning it has become clear that many students feel poorly represented. As student senator I will strive to bring their voices into all decision making and help champion the positions of my peers. The School of Architecture and Urban planning has a robust history of excellence, and like all departments SARUP is built on its constituents. I would like it also to be designed by them. Frustration and malcontent currently go unheard, and all to the detriment of this school. I am confident in my ability to better SARUP and uplift consistent improvement while also prioritizing the voices of those who attend. My election would mark the beginning of expanded discussion and further discourse. It all starts with communication, and this is what I feel will drive us towards firm decision making and an improved outcome. Unifying our students with the administration will be what fosters the School of Architecture and Urban Planning’s future success, and our success will positively impact the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee as a whole.
Grae O'Leary HosmanekGrae O'Leary HosmanekSchool of Education Senator SeatEducationHi! My name is Grae and I'm an Education major here at UWM. I am passionate about learning, activism, and education surrounding social justice issues. I'd like to bring my voice to the Student Association as someone who is willing to speak on issues that are important, yet oftentimes uncomfortable to talk about. By doing so, I want to bridge the political gap that prevents us from finding solutions to these issues, and allow a space for an array of opinions and solutions. My hope is to build unity within our community in order to make UWM a campus that will always be one of acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. Coming from a military family, I believe that serving the members of our community is an integral part of who we are as students and as a country. I hope you'll support me in my run as the School of Education senator this election season!
Afrah YafaiAfrah YafaiStudent Organization Advocacy Senator SeatPublic Health“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela. Recently, I was asked what change I would like to make to the world, that change was equity. In an unfair world, it is our duty to ensure that every person has access to the appropriate resources that can lead to success. Unfortunately, students are at a disadvantage if they come from a low socioeconomic background, this includes economic status, race, religion, sexuality, gender, and intellectual disability. We must make an effort to remove the burden of disease, the removable obstacle that is restricting people from reaching their full potential. At UW-Milwaukee, we pride ourselves in our diverse student population, and our student organizations that serve as support structures for our students. As the Student Organization Advocacy Senator, I will ensure that recognized student organizations receive the proper resources and materials required in order to enrich their experience and to ensure that their needs are being met. Though only a first year student at UWM, I am optimistic that we can create the best and most memorable experience for our students that will support them on their journey for a brighter future.