What is the Student Affairs Staff Development Committee?

The Student Affairs Staff Development Committee is responsible for professional development for the division. The committee coordinates monthly professional development sessions on campus, commonly referred to as “4th Tuesday” as most events take place in the morning of the 4th Tuesday of each month. The committee also coordinates the STAR Awards (Staff That Are Remarkable), the division’s annual recognition ceremony.

Current Members

Kelly Ball, Student Learning, Assessment and Planning
Shelley Bugni, Student Affairs Divisional Office
Michael Rogers, Advocacy and Engagement
Barbara Wilson, Dean of Students
Mai Yer Yang, Inclusive Excellence Center
Andrea Serafin, Athletics
Nanis Rodriguez, Student Involvement
Josh Boehm, University Housing

If you’re interested in joining, please email staffdev-list@uwm.edu

2020-21 calendar

Upcoming Program Information

Watch for more information about upcoming events in the Division newsletter.