The Division of Student Affairs has over 125 supervisors of full-time permanent staff across 24 units who all serve critical roles in the ability of our institution to achieve its vision and objectives. Developing the divisional leadership enhances our ability to support the success of both UWM students and staff.

Based on feedback gathered from nearly half of our divisional supervisors, a team of colleagues began working with experts in leadership, management and supervision to create a customized supervisor leadership development program for the Division of Student Affairs.

Leadership Core Competencies

The Student Affairs Supervisor Leadership Development Program is a competency-based approach to leadership development with the goal of promoting the skills and behaviors that lead to strong relationships, effective management strategies and superior performance. The program is built upon the foundation of the Student Affairs Divisional Values.

The program will be launched in Spring 2015 as a pilot program with a series of interrelated learning sessions for 42 participants divided into two cohorts. Participants are admitted into the Supervisor Leadership Development Program by way of an application process due to the limitations on class size. With anticipated success in the pilot program, the intention is to offer the program annually.

The Division of Student Affairs is investing in its supervisors through this program. This will be a serious commitment on the part of participants, who we expect will apply in their day-to-day work what they learn through this program. Supervisors participating in this program will be able to attend the classes during normal working hours and can expect their supervisors to support their full participation in the program.

Supervisor Leadership Development Program Committee

Autumn Anfang
Bob Meyer
Julie Bonner
Kelly Haag
Seth Zlotocha
Steven Mohar
Timothy Gordon