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Criminal Background Checks

UWM performs criminal background checks on all new employees before hire and current employees and volunteers in positions of trust with unsupervised or significant access to vulnerable populations.  Furthermore, the expectation is that a CBC will be conducted on all current employees every four years. Here is the full UWM policy

If you have been asked to complete an Applicant Consent Form for this process and you have questions that you would like to discuss confidentially, please call Lorraine King Marrari (414-229-6704) or Janet Mittelstadt (414-229-6936) for help with your concerns.

Information collected in connection with background checks will be treated confidentially to the extent permitted by the Wisconsin Public Records Law and other applicable laws. An individual or individuals in the UWM Police Department will oversee all aspects of conducting criminal background checks.  Only convictions or pending charges that are substantially related to the job responsibilities are considered in the decision to not employ and the decision to not hire is done outside of the process used to recruit and screen applicants and candidates for positions.  We only process the Applicant Consent Form for the candidate/finalist who has been verbally offered and accepted the position contingent upon further processing and the results of a CBC.  The other Applicant Consent Forms received from other finalists are shredded and destroyed.

The division usually receives the results of these checks within 24 to 48 hours except when the application will require several state checks or we are processing it during the beginning of each semester when the Police Department is experiencing a high volume of requests.

Tuition Reimbursement Requests

All WRS eligible Unclassified and Classified employees (not LTEs or Students) are eligible for tuition reimbursement when the request fits the parameters below. The request should be discussed with your supervisor and approved by your department on the following request form and delivered to Chapman Hall Room 175 two weeks prior to the beginning of your class.

Requirements for reimbursement used by the department and division include:

  1. The course must be beneficial to both the University and the employee in increased knowledge, abilities, and skills. This may include:
    • Courses related directly to improving or maintaining current job skills
    • Courses mandated by law or regulation for the employee to retain his or her job
    • Courses related directly to the employee’s current profession (for non-represented classified staff UWS G25 specifies it must be a profession the employee is currently working in).
    • Courses which provide for career development within the University and those that are a necessary elective for completion of such degree.
  2. Approval of a reimbursement request is dependent upon availability of funding. Requests can be granted at a full or partial reimbursement rate.   Employees are entitled to the waiver of segregated fees at UW-Milwaukee.
  3. The UWS G25 policy specifies that no more than one course, up to five (5) credits, or a training equivalent in any academic term (e.g., a semester, summer session or an equivalent) should be reimbursed.

In the Division of Student Affairs, we do approve coursework taken at other institutions if the program fits your needs and the university’s and your work schedule conflicts with the course schedule the school/college here at UWM uses (also sometimes the program is closer to your for you to be able to take advantage of evening and weekend classes).

If you are attending a university with a non-traditional framework and it is difficult to determine what the reimbursement rate might be, please call Janet Mittelstadt (229-6936).  We do approve “cohort” programs but it is done by approving the whole program ahead of time so that the employee and department will know the total amount that will be reimbursed for the entire program ahead of time.  This is most often the case for PhD programs and several MBA programs in the Milwaukee area.

Even if you attend another university, you will only receive reimbursement three times per year for an amount equal to a UWM 3 to 5 credit course depending on how the equivalency is determined.  Therefore, the maximum you could receive each year is equal to three 5 credit courses at UWM.  If UWM does not have the program and UW Madison does, then the total per year maximum will be three 5 credit courses at the cost of UW Madison tuition.

Form I9 – Employment Eligibility

Here is a tutorial that may help answer your questions on how to fill out the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.  You will fill out the Form I-9 and send it to the person listed in your Letter of Offer or other communications from your department or the division.  If the form is incorrectly completed your department supervisor and/or SA Department Human Resources professional will have you complete a new form on your first day, so please remember to bring your identification the first day of employment.

Where do I obtain a copy of the most recent Form I-9? or

How do I complete an I-9 when I am not working on campus?  If you are in the U.S., use the “Remote Hire” form in the I-9 Toolkit on the HR website. If you are NOT in the U.S., no I-9 needs to be completed until you are in the U.S. and doing work for UWM.

What if you do not have a List A or B/C document on your first day of work? You will have only three (3) business days to get the documents to your department.  If you do not bring the correct document(s)  within those 3 days, your employment must be suspended until eligibility to work is verified.

Unclassified Staff

Paychecks/Direct Deposit

When do I get paid?  Unclassified/Academic Staff/Limited Executive Appointments and others with Annual Appointments are paid 12 times per fiscal year approximately on the first of every month.  The pay dates can be found at .

How do I access my online Earning Statement?
To access your Earning Statements online:

Log on to the My UW System portal

  • Select University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, hit Select
  • Enter your ePanther ID and password. For ePanther ID activation, please see the following web address:
  • Once Logged in View Earnings, Leave, Tax and Benefits Statements
  • Select the Payroll Year from the drop down box
  • Select the Statement that you wish to view

What is the method of payment used at UWM? Employees must complete and sign a Direct Deposit Authorization form and return it to the Human Resources/Payroll Office at least 15 days prior to the pay date on which direct deposit is to begin.  Contact your SA Department Human Resource contact staff for more information as expediting of this process.  Also, please verify with your financial institution that the first deposit was made

If the was a problem processing my Direct Deposit form and my first paycheck was not direct deposited what happens and how do I get my check? If the Direct Deposit Authorization form is not completed or received by the Payroll Office in time to be processed for your first paycheck, a paper check will be produced. The check must be picked up at the Cashier’s Office, Mitchell Hall 285. You must present a photo ID to pick up your check.

What happens to my paycheck and direct deposit if I change departments, positions or have an extended Leave of Absence from UWM? Direct deposit will continue until you cancel it, even if there has been a change in employing departments. However, a break between payroll dates of twelve months or more may result in an automatic cancellation of direct deposit. Completing a new Direct Deposit Authorization form would be required to begin again.

What do I do if I change my bank?  If you have direct deposit and change your financial institution, you must notify the Payroll Office by completing a new Direct Deposit Authorization form. If your account is closed and you fail to notify us, receipt of your paycheck may be delayed until the monies are received back from the previous financial institution.

Approval of Absences

Each department has a form/process that you should become familiar with and should be covered during your orientation/onboarding program directed by your supervisor.  Our practice is to always have absences/leave requests approved prior to your day off.  When you expect to be out of the office for an extended period of time, let’s say for maternity/paternity leave, begin discussions with your supervisor early regarding options you have for your leave.  There can be any combination of work release for a maternity or other kind of leave of absence including 100% paid leave, partial paid and unpaid, partial telecommuting (usually between 20% and 35%) or arranged schedules where your FMLA time is intermittent and pre-approved by your supervisor and the Division’s Human Resource Director, Janet Mittelstadt (229-6936).  Call Janet for a consultation on your options anytime.

UWM uses online entry of absences.  Your supervisor first approves your time off prior to the event and then on a monthly basis approves your entry of your actual leave time into the system.  As a rule of thumb, please enter your previous month’s days off by the 5th of the month and then remind your supervisor to approve your entry by the 10th of the month.  If you entered the wrong date or there are other issues to fix, please contact your SA Department Human Resource professional <insert link>.

New Hire Paperwork

Your first steps after signing your Letter of Offer (LOO) and accepting your position are listed on the attachment that came along with your LOO called the New Unclassified Appointment Checklist.  The immediate documents for your attention include:

Forms you must complete with your signed Letter of Offer and return to Lorraine King Marrari

(414-229-6706)  in Chapman Hall Rm 175 by the date noted in your letter are:

You will be going through an On Boarding program under the direction of your supervisor once you arrive to campus where you will be provided a New Employee Checklist that will include a Listing of Campus Resources and other information helpful to you in your first days at UWM.  The division will also be inviting you to a New Employee Breakfast and New Employee Orientation day; we look forward to meeting you at these events.

Letters of Offer

Your Letter of Offer specifies the terms of your offer, such as your title, begin date and end date, title, starting base rate of pay, supervisor’s name, where to go on your first day of work, and other important information regarding your benefits and conditions of your appointment.  You will also find out more about the policies related to your position within this letter.

Please read all the details on this letter and contact your supervisor if you have any questions or your SA Human Resources professional (insert link) who is named in the letter.

Please note, whenever there are significant changes in any of the terms of your original Letter of Offer or whenever there are significant changes in your position’s responsibilities, a written notice of the changes is sent by the SA Vice Chancellor’s Office after the change is formally approved.  For example, if you receive a pay plan increase or a title change you will receive a written notice from the Vice Chancellor of the Division of Student Affairs.

The Vice Chancellor’s Office releases the Letter of Offer after a criminal background check has been conducted.  However, we can release the offer earlier if the Letter of Offer contains a contingency regarding the results of the CBC.

Position Descriptions

Your unclassified position description (Student Affairs Position Description) will be signed along with your Letter of Offer or during your first week of employment.  As you progress in your position your duties sometimes change, please discuss this with your supervisor at least once per year during your performance evaluation.

It is important to keep your position description up-to-date.  A position description should be reviewed periodically to ensure that it continues to reflect the duties associated with a given position; this may coincide with the evaluation conducted in January/February of each year.

Note that there are two types of position description forms are used for title reviews and these two documents are different from the SAPD in that more information is required than just the duties. The shorter UWM format is used for existing positions that are not managers or director titles; the longer UWPQ is used when making more substantive changes or if you are developing a new position.
Word document versions are available by going to:

How are prefixes determined?  Per UPG 1, prefix levels reflect progressively required experience, professional expertise and knowledge applied to duties and responsibilities expected of the position.This may correlate to years of experience, but years of service alone do not dictate a prefix change. Unlike some classified staff positions, unclassified positions have no automatic progression.

For most titles in the Division of Student Affairs, it is a general rule to appoint individuals to an associate prefix level if they are new employees without prior experience (either on campus or in similar positions elsewhere).  The no prefix designation reflects someone who is performing the full range of duties associated with the position.  The senior prefix is used for those individuals who are performing at an increased independent level, with minimal supervision.  For more information visit

Please see Unclassified Personnel Guideline #1, attachment 1 for more information on prefixes. or

Personnel File

Official Unclassified Personnel files are kept in a secure location in the Division of Student Affairs Vice Chancellor’s Offices in Chapman Hall.  You may request at any time to see your file by calling 229-6936.