Who We Are

Who We Are

The Division of Student Affairs plays a pivotal role in enhancing student success by fostering a profound sense of belonging and community on campus. Our dedicated efforts not only complement classroom learning but also empower students with invaluable support throughout their academic journey.

Our mission revolves around equipping students with the tools they need to translate knowledge into real-world skills. We accomplish this by encouraging active involvement in student organizations and cultivating peer mentorship among students. Through these avenues, students can apply classroom teachings in tangible ways, thus solidifying their grasp on academic concepts.

Furthermore, we provide diverse learning opportunities that embrace essential values such as social justice, leadership, well-being, service orientation, inclusivity, and personal accountability. By doing so, we create a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond traditional academics, preparing students to become holistic contributors to society.

From the moment of enrollment through graduation, we are dedicated to providing vital services that underpin student success. Recognizing the potential within each UWM student, we strive to facilitate their journey toward excellence. With unwavering commitment, we aspire to be a guiding force in helping every student unleash their full capabilities.


Our mission is to create an engaging community where students feel they belong at UWM, to develop transformative learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and to provide services and experiences that support and promote student well-being so that students can thrive, persist, and succeed.


All students are supported through their academic journey, have pathways to achieve learning and career goals and are embraced as valuable members of the UWM community.


While the departments and staffs within the UWM Division of Student Affairs are diverse in their expertise, careers, and as individuals, the following values unite us.

Student Success and Wellbeing – We are committed to all of our students; supporting, encouraging, guiding and challenging their personal, educational and professional development. We are dedicated to creating learning opportunities for all our students to achieve success within an environment that cultivates tolerance, civility, and respect, where students care about their well being and the well-being of others.

Learning – We partner with our academic colleagues to create a vibrant program of study, which includes co-curricular activities and on-campus employment. We strive to establish within our community a learner-focused, outcome-based environment. This setting includes experiential and work-based learning, civic engagement, and a connection to the campus community, reinforcing our capacity for and commitment to life-long learning.

A Supportive and Inclusive Community – We believe that differences in people and diverse points-of-view are valuable, and that a truly caring community is one where each member feels welcomed, engaged, and celebrated. We embody this belief when we are inclusive of all people, we recognize our similarities, and we embrace our differences through mutual respect. We seek to cultivate an environment of awareness and understanding of diversity and multicultural issues, through our programs, words and behaviors, and will role-model advocacy and social justice in all our actions.

Relationships – We understand the intrinsic value of relationships. We develop strong, trusting relationships with students, co-workers, and others we encounter through our work, leading to a caring campus, a supportive environment, and a welcoming community.

Personal Growth and Development – We respect each individual’s journey toward greater personal growth and development. We understand the importance of meeting students where they are in order to be partners in this process. Further, we approach education holistically, encouraging personal achievements, and the care for the mind, body, and spirit of each student, faculty, and staff member.

Leadership – We make every effort to be leaders in our campus community through our actions, service delivery, and dedication to students. As educators, in partnership with students and colleagues, we provide quality leadership opportunities that are challenging and rewarding. We are intentional in the design and delivery of engaging and empowering experiences, which foster the development of ethical, responsible, and collaborative leaders.

Professionalism – We encourage professional development and ethical behavior of our staff and we conduct our programs and ourselves with the highest integrity. In keeping with best practices, we provide intentional and effective service to students and other stakeholders. We collaborate and consult with one another in an effort to achieve excellence. We are committed to treating one another with respect, making ethical decisions, and holding each other accountable. We model professionalism and encourage each other to develop expertise in our practice, engaging in professional development that is grounded in theory and focused on application.