What We Do

Strategic Plan

The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan articulates the primary role of the Division of Student Affairs in supporting students and contributing to the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Plan is the result of two years of planning and input from more than 100 Student Affairs staff.

The Strategic Plan Initiatives are moved forward through the work of Divisional Committees and Student Affairs Departments.

Student Affairs uses the following priorities to help guide our services to all UWM students:


Collaborate effectively, both within the Division and University-wide, to identify, implement, measure, and communicate efforts that align with UWM directions and priorities. View more

Equity and Justice

Integrate and infuse equity, anti-racism and justice concepts within Student Affairs to cultivate a sense of belonging and establish a culture of respect for BIPOC students and marginalized identities, people, and communities. View more

Student Learning

Develop and implement experiences and strategies that keep our work centered on transformational student learning. View more

Health & Well-being

Emphasize a campus culture engaged in a holistic health model that leverages physical, mental, spiritual, occupational, social, intellectual and emotional well-being. View more

Student Connection

Identify and implement experiences and strategies to create an environment where students would say, “I belong in the UWM community.” View more