Student Learning and Development Committee

This Committee will demonstrate and document how our efforts impact students’ transformational learning journey through the use of Student Learning Outcomes.

Purpose: Collaborates within Student Affairs to intentionally create and map opportunities for learning and development, and partners with other divisions to create a full UWM student learning experience.

SALT Champion: Kelly Ball

Chairs: Lori Bokowy (non-curricular skill development), Jamie Grenoble (student employment), Elise Jaffee

Connection to Strategic Plan:

  • Supports Initiative 9: Provide a range of opportunities for skill development and transformational learning
  • Responsible for Initiative 10: Adopt and implement a division-wide approach to incorporate reflection on skills growth into student employment, internships and graduate assistantships
  • Responsible for Initiative 11: Develop infrastructure and resources to support student learning in a manner that is aligned with Academic Affairs and is in support of institutional Experiential Learning efforts

Areas of focus:

  • Co-curricular Learning (i.e., partners with Academic Affairs on UW System Shared Learning Goals, such as Living Learning Communities, Experiential Learning, service-learning, internships, Ed Psych 101, Lawton Scholars)
  • Skill Development and Transformational Learning (i.e., Student Affairs-led opportunities, such as student governance, leadership development, athletics, health and wellness programs, identity development)
  • Student Employment

Benefits/Skill Development: Work more closely with Academic Affairs, help guide student employment in the Division, educate staff about student development