Staff Engagement and Development

Purpose: The Staff Engagement and Development committee seeks to create opportunities for staff to come together, learn from each other, recognition of excellence, and develop professionally in a community setting

SALT Champions: Amanda Braun, Michael Rogers

Chair: Mai Yer Yang, Ben Trager

Connection to Strategic Plan:

  • Supports staff development needed to complete activities in the Strategic Plan
  • Responsible for Initiative 2: Identify, articulate and implement impactful collaborative partnerships within the Division, across UWM and in the community
  • Responsible for Initiative 14: Build authentic relationships so that students feel that they belong
  • Develop and maintain strong and authentic relationships with students, staff, and community partners

Benefits/Skill Development:

  • Work with different populations within Student Affairs, learn more about professional development, encourage growth of colleagues
  • Develop and cultivate partnerships, build teams, provide a model for student-centered customer service
  • Plan informal events, recognize colleagues, strengthen morale