Dean of Students

During your college experience, you will face challenges. The Dean of Students Office is here to help you navigate those challenges and empower you to learn and grow. For example, we might help you:

In our office we also support you by providing you with the tools you need for personal growth and development. This includes providing a learning environment as free from distractions and disruptions. Through the student conduct process, we hold students accountable for any misconduct, and uphold their right to an objective, unbiased conduct process.

On our website, you will find various tools and resources, including links to the UWM Student Handbook and the ReportIt form.  You can fill out the ReportIt form for many reasons, but some examples include when you:

  • Want to get assistance for a fellow Panther
  • Want to report a policy violation such a sexual misconduct, academic and nonacademic misconduct, and/or threats to the campus community
  • Want assistance navigating a university policy or procedure
  • Have a complaint or concern
  • Need help or support

In the Dean of Students Office we support holistic student health and wellbeing.  We are a place you can come when you need support.

Adam JusselThe UWM Dean of Students is led by Adam Jussel.  Adam has a sincere passion for student participation and interaction on campus, and feels privileged to lead a team that is also committed to your success.