SSS Graduate Spotlight

Sierra Osowski, Urban Studies

“SSS has given me an extra support system. As a first-generation college student, I really wasn’t sure what to expect at UWM, but everyone in the office was so helpful in guiding me to success in everything from financial aid to housing questions to choosing classes and more. I was also given work opportunities through the office which helped greatly in my resume building. I am so glad I was a part of this program!”

Sierra will continue with Professional Law School at the the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Law, starting Fall 2022 – CONGRATS! 🎉🎓

Ethiel Vega-Padilla, English


“I never thought that I would be able to make it to college, and when the acceptance letters started to roll in, I started to see my future unfold in front of me. UW Milwaukee wasn’t my first choice, but I’m glad I stuck with it, the summer bridge program was my first introduction as to how things were going to be. The transition process was a little tough for me but with the support of SSS I was lent the guidance needed to fully realize the student and the man that I could become. With the academic resources at their disposal, I was always put in a position to succeed; not only that but the character building that took place between my counselor and I through the long and countless discussions about my career path, about what classes I should take, about not given up on myself when things started to look bleak was something that you couldn’t learn from and a classroom. With time allotted outside of the parameters of school, things like randomly walking in without an appoint to speak to a counselor shows the flexibility that the SSS counselors gave to their students, was all part of guiding us every step of the way until we reached the finish line. A place dedicated to helping their students attain success, that success being a bachelor’s degree. SSS was the foundation that I needed to self-actualize and create the future that I needed.”

Nestor Murillo Barron, Accounting

Graduate photo of Nestor

The Student Support Services program provided a friendly space where I was able to connect with other students and staff. Through the program I learned the importance of making connections and I believe it was a catalyst for me joining other extra-curricular activities at UWM. I was able to join social and business groups where I made friends that encouraged me to do better in my studies and career choices.  I was also fortunate to be a scholar and advocate for the Lawton Scholars Program; here I was able to grow my mentoring skills and share my experience with other students. I’m currently an intern at an accounting firm and I will be going back to UWM in the Summer for my Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting.”