Mary Bunzel

Executive Director, Connected Systems Institute

Mary Bunzel is a market maker and thought leader in the world of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

Her 30 years of work serving the manufacturing industry through the lens of reliability and asset performance has resulted in deep expertise relative to best practices in the areas of maintenance and operations. More than a decade of work with large global manufacturers to operationalize enterprise strategies designed to support reliability in production fleets at optimal cost investment fuels a leadership founded on pragmatic expertise in real-world situations.

Close work with customers gives her insight on industry trends and special requirements, which she is called upon to comment for development teams, analysts and others who seek information on how industry applies IoT solutions across their enterprises.

As general manager for the Manufacturing Industry Solutions Group at Intel, she is responsible for market growth through industry-specific value creation for global manufacturing. She manages a team of specialized sales executives, technical resources, business operations, marketing and finance – a team that focuses on accelerating adoption of IoT technologies by helping customers solve complex problems.

As a charter member of the Women in Reliability and Asset Management organization, she is an active contributor to both content and mentoring activities for women professionals working in manufacturing enterprises. As leader of the Manufacturing IoT Council, she established and runs a center of excellence, an organization of more than 130 IoT practitioners and executives from enterprises around the world.