STEM-Inspire “In The News”

Our WiscAMP STEM-Inspire students and mentors are tremendously gifted and talented, and we love to read more about their work at UWM and abroad. Take a look below at what makes the UWM STEM-Inspire program unique and the contributions of our STEM scholars and their faculty and peer mentors.

UWM Prof Makes a Difference

Industrial Engineering professor and WiscAMP faculty mentor Wilkistar Otieno has been making a difference in the lives of WiscAMP and UWM students for decades. As an Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation alum, she is committed to making a difference and opening doors for students and faculty in the field of engineering. Read more about her commitment to helping WiscAMP and UWM thrive here.

Pt. Koshadhish Misra Memorial Award for Electrical Engineering Excellence




Valerie Seidl, a graduating senior, will receive the Pt. Koshadhish Misra Memorial Award for Electrical Engineering Excellence this May at the Order of the Engineer Ceremony. This award is for her outstanding achievements in, and service to, the Electrical Engineering Program. Valerie is President of UWM Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers’ student chapter, a member of the Society of Women Engineers, and a 2017-2018 WiscAMP peer mentor.

The Commons Accepts 3 Students

Joshua Sharkey, a senior majoring in Computer Engineering, has been selected to join the Commons Business and Innovation Program. For more information about this program and its benefits, visit The Commons website. Joshua is a member of UWM IEEE student chapter and a participant in the 2017-2018 WiscAMP cohort.

Biological & Freshwater Sciences Professor selected as Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

WiscAMP immediate past Acting Director and Biological & Freshwater Sciences Professor John Berges is now a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.This is the United Kingdom’s professional institution promoting excellence in higher education, which advocates evidence-based teaching methods and is responsible for the UK Professional Standards Framework for higher education practitioners. He serves as a faculty mentor with WiscAMP.

Vernacular Architecture Forum selects 2018 Ambassadors

Teonna Cooksey, a senior in Architecture & Urban Planning, received one of three 2018 Vernacular Architecture Forum Ambassador Awards. Helped by her WiscAMP Faculty mentor and UWM Architecture Professor Arijit Sen, Teonna will now serve as Ambassador and help bring attention to the great work that the VAF is doing across the nation. For more details about her role, please visit the VAF website.  She is also treasurer of the UWM student chapter of the National Organization for Minority Architects. Teonna is a participant in the 2017-2018 WiscAMP program.

Physics Professor selected as Kavli Fellow

WiscAMP faculty mentor and Physics Professor Dawn Erb was selected as a Kavli Fellow by the National Academy of Science Frontiers of Science Program. The Academy’s Frontiers of Science symposium brings together outstanding young scientists to discuss exciting advances and opportunities in a broad range of disciplines. Participants are selected from among recipients of prestigious fellowships, awards, and other honors, as well as from nominations by NAS members and other participants. 

WiscAMP scholars Anye Ngwa and Erick Rico-Sanchez selected for distinguished Popa Lab research work

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Erick Rico-Chavez, a rising junior in Mechanical Engineering and Anye Ngwa, a second-year graduate scholar in Cell & Molecular Biology, have been selected as research mentees by renowned physicist and UWM Assistant Professor Ionel Popa. His revolutionary research is well documented in the area of protein-based hydrogels using force-clamp rheometry, and we laud his commitment to acclimating new and veteran students to laboratory study.

Erick’s work this Spring and summer focuses on designing a prototype for a force-clamp rheometer. Anye’s work this summer will prepare buffers and media needed for protein expression, among other assignments in biomedical research. Both students are funded as WiscAMP researchers, hoping to help Dr. Popa publish his work as members of the Popa lab. Learn more here.

WiscAMP Geosciences major Rene Chavez selected to receive the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium STEM Bridge Scholarship

Congratulations to Rene Chavez, a UWM Geosciences major, who was selected to receive the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium STEM Bridge Scholarship. This award is a $2,000 renewable scholarship to outstanding undergraduate students identified as a member of a federally recognized minority group (African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, or Pacific Islander) enrolled in a STEM program of study, demonstrating an interest in aerospace or supporting NASA’s mission. In addition to his work with Go Forward and the Geosciences Department, Rene is funded by WiscAMP to work on a field guide research project with faculty preceptor and Geologist Scott Schaefer. More information about the scholarship can be found HERE.