Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to our Graduates!


Katherina Her, Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine (December 2020)
Xeng Vang, Microbiology (December 2020)
Koami Amegnran, Architecture (May 2021)
Matida Bojang, Biochemistry (May 2021)
Destiny Brady, Architecture (May 2021)
Nancy De Jesus, Civil Engineering (May 2021)
Nigel Ogbonna, Information Science & Technology (May 2021)


Ajay Chawla, Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine (December 2019)
Sana Hamdan, Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine (December 2019)
Princeton Hampton-Jackson, Master’s Degree in Information Studies & Technology (December 2019)
Joshua Sharkey, Computer Science (December 2019)
Kayla Bolibrzuch, Mathematics (May 2020)
Sheng Lor, Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine (May 2020)
Isaac Ngui, Computer Science (May 2020)
Jennifer Ruel, Information Studies & Technology (May 2020)
Nicole Vigon, Biomedical Engineering (May 2020)
Tamia Williams, Microbiology (May 2020)


Ayooluwateso Coker, Conservation & Environmental Science (December 2018)
Giselle Irankunda, Civil Engineering (December 2018)
Navee Lor, Cell & Molecular Biology/Pre-Medicine (December 2018)
Anye Ngwa, Master’s Degree in Cell & Molecular Biology/Medicine (December 2018)
Leonardo Serrato, Mechanical Engineering (December 2018)
Teonna Cooksey, Architecture & Urban Planning Cert. (May 2019)
Olivia Gloria, Biological Sciences/Pre-Dentistry (May 2019)
Kwendo Mwaniki, Civil Engineering (May 2019)
Uchechi Nwosu, Biological Sciences (May 2019)


Nicholas Medina, Materials Engineering (December 2017)
Edwin Ezekwu-Elendu, Pre-Medicine & Electrical Engineering (May 2018)
Valerie Seidl, Electrical Engineering (May 2018)


Ryan Perez, Computer Engineering (December 2016)
Hector Quintero, Computer Science (December 2016)
Carla Echeveste, Pre-Med Studies Certificate (May 2017)
Jarincy Flores Rodriguez, Architectural Studies (May 2017)
Alessandra Maurtua, Architectural Studies (May 2017)
Juan Orjuela, Biological Sci & Conservation and Environmental Sci (May 2017)
Simone Yang, Information Science & Technology (May 2017)


Taylor Anglin, Biomedical Sciences (May 2016)
Daniel Bielich, Mathematics (May 2016)
Erick Chavez, Information Science & Technology (May 2016)
Brian Gayfield, Biological Sciences (August 2016)
Keaunis Grant, Biomedical Sciences (May 2016)
Garry Jean-PIerre, Electrical Engineering (May 2016)
Sue Lor, Electrical Engineering (December 2015)
Anye Ngwa, Biochemistry (May 2016)


Brandon Ford, Biochemistry (May 2015)
Shady Girgis, Biochemistry (December 2014)
Diamond Lewis, Computer Engineering (May 2015)

UWM Graduation Ceremony December 15, 2020 at UWM Panther Arena in Milwaukee, WI
From left to right: WiscAMP graduating seniors Ajay Chawla, Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine and Computer Science Joshua Sharkey share a moment together.


UWM Graduation Ceremony May 19, 2019 at UWM Panther Arena in Milwaukee, WI
From left to right: Teonna Cooksey with faculty mentors Wilkistar Otieno, Industrial Engineering and Arijit Sen, Architecture


UWM Graduation Ceremony December 16, 2018 at UWM Panther Arena in Milwaukee, WI
From left to right: Giselle Irankunda, Wilkistar Otieno, Leonardo Serrato, Navee Lor, Anye Ngwa, Simone Yang, Ayooluwateso Coker


UWM Graduation Ceremony May 20, 2018 at UWM Panther Arena in Milwaukee, WI 
From left to right: Wilkistar Otieno, Valerie Seidl, Edwin Ezekwu-Elendu


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