Using Data to Improve Schools Project

The UDISP is a project our office has been doing with the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) since 2014-15. Each year we work with MPS to administer the Essentials of School Culture and Climate (ESCC) survey to all staff and fourth- through twelfth-grade students. The ESCC is a research-based instrument loosely based on the 5Essentials Survey, designed by the Consortium of School Research at the University of Chicago. Each year, we provide all participating schools with reports of how their staff and students responded to the ESCC questions. These reports are stored on the UDISP website. Results from the most current year are embargoed until the spring of the following year. Results from previous years are publicly available.

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Information Letters for Parents

Letters to parents about the survey are available in seven languages:

Parent Information Letter in Arabic
Parent Information Letter in Burmese
Parent Information Letter in English
Parent Information Letter in Hmong
Parent Information Letter in Karen
Parent Information Letter in Somali
Parent Information Letter in Spanish

Copies of Survey Questions

Copies of the questions that are asked in the survey are provided below for informational purposes. Links for students and staff to take the survey are provided to the right.

Survey Questions for 4th-5th Grade Students in English
Survey Questions for 4th-5th Grade Students in Spanish

Survey Questions for 6th-12th Grade Students in English
Survey Questions for 6th-12th Grade Students in Spanish

MPS Staff Climate Survey Questions