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Bart Adrian

Bart Adrian has been fascinated with the weather and with history since his boyhood in the Chicago area. He majored in engineering applied mathematics at Northwestern University, and then went to Wisconsin where he completed his M.S. (1981) in meteorology… Read More

Chris Yogerst

Books: From the Battlefield to the Blacklist: Warner Bros. on the Frontlines (Contracted to Lexington Books, manuscript due fall 2021). Hollywood’s First Battle in Washington: Jew-Baiting, and Anti-Nazism: Hollywood and the 1941 Senate Investigation into Motion Picture War Propaganda. (Contracted… Read More

The Importance of Records and Archives in Society

This presentation will focus on the vital role that records and archives play in society. Archives are vital concentrators of knowledge because of their role in centralizing access to records. Records are essential extensions of human memory that can be… Read More