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Two-time Fulbritght Scholar. Research is focused on ‘spatial fixes’ to the long and short crises in the global economy. Research centers on austerity economics in Europe and the United Stats. Regional focuses include, the role played by the Baltic states as the drain for both commodities and capital from the former Soviet Union to global markets in the context of a wider international political economy. In the case of capital flows the Baltic states (chiefly Latvia) are examined as offshore banking centers facilitating ‘tax dumping’ attracting capital from points both east and west that works to undermine social systems formerly constructed by the Soviet bloc and Bretton Woods social democracies alike. Additional research has been conducted on the political economy of labor migration within and into the European Union. Other research centers on the political economy of Africa’s (and its Diaspora) accelerated integration into new networks of accumulation (chiefly from the Indian Ocean), but also on the political economy of the US occupation of Haiti.

Academic affiliations at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Linkoping University in Sweden and the University of Latvia.

Advising highlights to governments:

–2015: US Ambassador Nancy Petit & State Department Analysts. Brought to State Department to prepare ambassador and staff on Latvia. Request for ongoing assistance.

–2009-11: Lead author of Reform Task Force Latvia’s Latvia Renewed economic program (published by the political party Concord Center).

–2008: Personal consultation to Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis of Latvia.

–Op-Eds for The New York Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and some 40 Op-Ed and Analysis articles in local and global press.

–Over 20 books, book chapters, academic journals and policy articles, including:

2014. The Contradictions of Austerity: The Socio-Economic Costs obf the Neoliberal Baltic Model (London: Routledge Press, 2014). Editors (& contributing authors): Jeffrey Sommers & Charles Woolfson, Foreword, James Galbraith. ISBN: 978-0-415-82003-5.

Race, Reality & Realpolitik: US/Haiti Relations in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Lexington Press (Rowman & Littlefield), November 2015. With contributions from P. Delices. ISSN 978-1-4985-0914-5.