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Eric Wentz has been involved in high technology computing and controls since the very early days of modern digital computing. From the design of basic computers through the actual application of current technology to the manufacturing environment, the evolution of automation and Artificial Intelligence has been breathtaking.  So much so, we are again engaging in exactly the kind of thinking we saw 70-80 years ago.  Today, we talk of driverless cars, driverless trucks, people being replaced by robotics or artificial intelligence with greater capability while forgetting many of the very real obstacles and challenges presented by the physics of the technologies we use and the need for innovation.  While we have improved size, weight, speed and precision of AI or Computing components we are still faced with a myriad of those challenges before we can sit back and self actualize while machines do all of the real work.  Eric explores those capabilities and limitations posed by a real-world where imagination, intuition, and ambiguity are critical components to innovative thinking.