Modern Language Association Petition

In spite of the growing and active presence of Galician Studies in Modern Language Studies, the field seemed to be somewhat hidden and invisible at the institutional level in North America. For this reason, in collaboration and coordination with scholars from the US and UK through the Galician Studies email discussion list, the MLA Galician Studies petition was launched from UWM on May 5, 2013 in order to rally support among scholars in North America and worldwide for the Modern Language Association to create a new Permanent Section and a Discussion Group on Galician Studies. After gathering 100 signatories in just one day, the petition would be eventually endorsed by over 300 scholars and administrators worldwide between May 5 and November 15, 2013.

(Re)Mapping Galician Studies in North America: A Breakthrough Symposium

At a time when scientific disciplines tend progressively to a higher degree of specialization, it is becoming more and more complex to set up an effective and interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars from different fields in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. This Symposium, organized by the Galician Studies Research Group at UW-Milwaukee, would like to offer a meeting point to facilitate the exchange of critical ideas and (inter)disciplinary proposals on the present and future of Galician Studies in North American academia.

Other Activities

  • The GSRG is currently conducting a quantitative survey regarding the creation of a permanent section on Galician Studies at the Modern Language Association. This online survey of twenty five questions, powered by Qualtrix, aims to investigate the reasons for academics in North America and worldwide to endorse this petition, as well as their opinions and attitudes on Galicia and Galician Studies. A study and different publications will follow. Team members: Gabriel Rei-Doval and Sabela Juan Taborda. GSRG Questionnaire (pdf)
  • The GSRG is designing a research project to map the presence of Galician-related publications, as well as papers in conferences and academic events, in the Humanities and the Social Sciences both in the U.S. and Canada. Team members: José A. Losada-Montero, Gabriel Rei-Doval, Paula Rodríguez-Abruñeiras, Vera Vázquez-López.
  • The GSRG is designing a survey on the life and contributions of the Galician Studies E-mail Discussion List: Team members: TBA.