Software Brief – SAS



Customer: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Master Agreement Number: 02176

Approved Software:

    • SAS


License Requirements, Restrictions

  • Authorized Hardware: Local machines
  • Servers on mainframes: CPU number must be recorded
  • May use license within the territory listed
  • May use license for up to 3 months of an annual license period in countries outside the territory listed
  • May be used by Customer’s employees and on site contractors doing work for the customer
  • Annual License


  • Promptly notify SAS in writing of any claim made against Customer
  • Goal #2: Integrate sales training with functional training on new system
  • Goal #3: Monitor sales volume, return rates, and key satisfaction metrics for 6 weeks following training

Audit Right

  • 30 days fully document and certify that Distributor is in conformity with the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • After 15 day notice SAS maintains the right to conduct an on-site audit during customer’s business hours
  • Customer must make available records available
    • Where software is being used
    • To what extent is the software being used
  • Provide copies of records requested
  • Direct all agents to cooperate
  • Customer shall pay the amount owed if audit proves additional licenses are needed


  • UW-Milwaukee’s Software Asset Management department shall download all Software updates within 24 hours of release and provide the Distributed IT support staff access to the distributed Software via the Software repository. Once the software is available a notice of the update will be sent to the Software email list
  • SAM Shall provide and store all audit reports.
  • Distributed IT support staff are responsible for distribution of Software to Campus machines.
  • in sales closure, customer satisfaction, and sales metrics.