Read&Write Gold


Read&Write Gold (for Mac and Windows) literacy software is a discrete, customizable toolbar that integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools with common applications. The software has features that benefit all students, and particular features are especially beneficial to struggling readers, writers, students with learning disabilities. Additionally, English language learners can build confidence and independence to succeed at home, work and school. This software is available from the Software Shop at no cost to UWM faculty, staff and students.

How to get the Software:
UWM faculty, staff and students can purchase Read&Write Gold at no cost from the SoftwareShop.

    Note for Mac Users: Before starting this download, Mac users should check their “Security & Privacy” “General” options to ensure that Apps can be downloaded from “Anywhere”.

For Faculty and Staff:
The software is offered at no cost to UWM faculty and staff by making a $0 (Gift Certificate) purchase in the SoftwareShop. Once faculty or staff complete an order, a notification is sent to their department’s IT support technician who will assist with installation. The technician will contact the purchaser with instructions–how to obtain the software.

    Home Use: The home use version of Read&Write Gold can be purchased at no cost from the SoftwareShop (from the “Home Use” category). Once the transaction is complete, an email with a downloaded link will be sent to the purchaser.

For Students:
The software is offered at no cost to UWM Students by making a $0 (Gift Certificate) purchase in the SoftwareShop (from the Software Student Use category). When the transaction is complete, an email with downloaded link will be sent to the purchaser.

For technical support – Please contact
For other questions – Please contact Aura Hirschman, email – OR Shannon Aylesworth, email – .

    **Note: Issue with Mac OS X computers**
    RWG Mac Download Damaged

Software Brief – Read and Write Gold

Read & Write Gold FAQs:

  • Is the software available for Windows computers?
    Yes, it’s available for Windows (Windows XP SP3 or above).

    For more information about the software, click here.

  • Is the software available for Mac OS X?
    Yes, it’s available for Mac OS X (10.7, 10.8 or 10.9).

    For more information about the software, click here.

  • How to resolve 'Identity of the developer cannot be confirmed' on a Mac error?
    By default, Mac OS 10.8.x , 10.9.x or 10.10.x only allows users to install or run applications from ‘verified sources’. Sometimes, when a known developer (such as textHelp) needs to update their application’s code to confirm their “identity” with Apple, an error may occur. As a result, users may be unable to install or run some applications downloaded from the internet or stored on physical media. To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below.

    1. Open the System Preferences. This can be done by either clicking on the System Preferences icon in the Dock or by going to Apple Menu > System Preferences.
    2. Open the Security & Privacy pane by clicking Security & Privacy.
    3. Make sure that the General section of the the Security & Privacy pane is selected. If the lock icon at lower left is “locked”, click the icon labeled Click the lock to make changes.
    4. Enter your username and password into the prompt that appears and click Unlock.
    5. Under the section labeled Allow applications downloaded from:, select Anywhere. On the prompt that appears, click Allow From Anywhere.
    6. Exit System Preferences by clicking the red button in the upper left of the window.

    You should now be able to install/run applications that are tagged as being from an “Unidentified Developer”. Once the developer has corrected their “identy” issue, be sure to revert changes made above, and once again allow only “applications downloaded from Mac App Store and identified developers”.

  • Is the software available in Campus Computing Labs?
    Yes, it’s available in public computing labs.