Mathematica is use from building a hedge fund trading website or publishing interactive engineering textbooks to developing embedded image recognition algorithms or teaching calculus. Mathematica is renowned as the world’s ultimate application for computations. But it’s much more ”it’s the only development platform fully integrating computation into complete workflows, moving you seamlessly from initial ideas all the way to deployed individual or enterprise solutions.

How to get the Software:
You must be a current UW-Milwaukee faculty, staff, or student.

For Faculty and Staff:
Faculty and staff interested in an installation of Mathematica on a university owned machine should go through the SoftwareShop.

For Student:
Follow the directions below to download from the Wolfram User Portal.

  1. Create an account (New users only):
    1. Go to and click “Create Account”
    2. Fill out form using a email, and click “Create Wolfram ID”
    3. Check your email and click the link to validate your Wolfram ID
  2. Request the download and key:
    1. Fill out this form to request an Activation Key
    2. Click the “Product Summary page” link to access your license
    3. Click “Get Downloads” and select “Download” next to your platform
    4. Run the installer on your machine, and enter Activation Key at prompt

Software Brief – Mathematica

Mathematica FAQs:

  • Is the software avaliable on the Campus Computers Lab?
    Yes, mathematica is available on the Campus Computer Lab. Please click on the link below for more information about lab locations and availability.General Access Computer Labs