ArcGIS Online


UWM now offers instructors and students access to the ArcGIS Online services at no cost. With ArcGIS Online, you can use and create maps and scenes, access ready-to-use maps, layers and analytics, publish data as web layers, collaborate and share, access maps from any device, make maps with your Microsoft Excel data, and view status reports.

To learn more about ArcGIS Online, please refer to ArcGIS Online (AGOL) official website.

To access your ArcGIS Online account

UWM instructors and students can create an online account by:

    1. Going to
    2. Click “Sign In” on the upper right corner.
    4. Login using your UWM credentials.

Premium ArcGIS Online Content
There are six premium content that are included in UW-Milwaukee’s ArcGIS Online subscription. The six premium contents are: Geocoding, Network Analysis, Spatial Analysis, GeoEnrichment, Demographics, and Elevation Analysis. However, it should be noted that these premium ArcGIS content consumes a large amount of credits but is quite reasonable when working with small data sets. We recommend that if you plan on doing heavy processing with more data (over 500) address to geocode, that you do so offline with ArcGIS Desktop and then uploading your content to ArcGIS Online.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding to ArcGIS Online such as, needing additional credits please contact

ArcGIS Desktop

UWM instructors and students can use ArcGIS Desktop for free through the Campus Computer Labs which are located around campus. Refer to this page for a map of where the Campus Computer Labs are located on campus.

For University-owned Machines:

UWM instructors can requrest for ArcGIS Desktop through the SoftwareShop. When a purchase for ArcGIS Desktop has been completed, a notification is sent to the buyer’s department IT support technician who will assist with installation of the software. The technician will contact the buyer with instructions on how to obtain ArcGIS Desktop.

For UWM Instructors and Students:

Through our site license Esri offers Students at Institutions with a Site License a free one year trial version of ArcGIS for Desktop. If you’re a UW-Milwaukee student and would like to obtain the free one year trial version of ArcGIS Desktop please first create a ArcGIS Online account above and then visit the Online SoftwareShop and make a $0 purchase for “ArcGIS Desktop (One year Student Trial Version)”. Once your order is completed you will receive an email within 1-2 business days from “” providing you with a download link containing the installation media and step-by-step instructions on how to install ArcGIS Desktop. Also, included in that email will be your authorization code that is needed to authenticate ArcGIS Desktop.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ArcGIS Desktop for students please contact

*Please allow us 1-2 business day to complete your order.

Esri Self-Paced E-Learning

Through our site license Esri offers free training courses. From Data Collection courses to creating 3D City Models they’re a variety of unlimited, organization-wide access to Esri’s large collection of self-paced e-Learning resources.

If you would like access to “Esri Self-Paced E-Learning” please create a ArcGIS Online account. Please see above for information on how to create a ArcGIS Online account.