O’Brien, Timothy L.
obrien34@uwm.edu(414) 229-5820Bolton Hall 744Curriculum Vitae

O’Brien, Timothy L.

Associate Professor

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Fall Semester Office Hours:

TBD and by appointment


PhD, Sociology, Indiana University

Areas of Specialization

Sociology of Law; Sociology of Science/Knowledge; Political Sociology; Sociology of Religion


Spring 2019
SOCIOL 101-001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCIOL 261-402: Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology
Fall 2018
SOCIOL 101-001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCIOL 750-001: Research Methods in Sociology
Summer 2018
SOCIOL 101-001: Introduction to Sociology

Selected Publications

Noy, S., & O'Brien, T. L. (2018). An Intersectional Analysis of Perspectives on Science and Religion in the United States. The Sociological Quarterly, 59(1), 40-61.
O'Brien, T. L. (2018). Beyond Reliable: Challenging and Deciding Expert Admissibility in U.S. Civil Courts. Law, Probability, and Risk, 17(1), 29–44.
O'Brien, T. L., & Noy, S. (2018). Cultural Authority in Comparative Context: A Multilevel Analysis of Trust in Science and Religion. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.
O'Brien, T. L. (2018). Gender, expert advice, and judicial gatekeeping in the United States. Social Science Research, 72, 134-145.
Gauchat, G. W., O'Brien, T. L., & Mirosa, O. (2017). The Legitimacy of Environmental Scientists in the Public Sphere. Climatic Change, 143(3-4), 297-306.
O'Brien, T. L. (2017). Working Knowledge: Organizational Location and the Construction of Expert Authority in Court. Social Science Quarterly, 98(5), 1677-1690.
Noy, S., & O'Brien, T. L. (2016). A Nation Divided: Science, Religion, and Public Opinion in the United States. Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, 2, 1-15.
O'Brien, T. L., & Pizmony-Levy, O. (2016). Going Public, Gaining Credibility: Student Perceptions of Publicly Engaged Scholars. Sociological Perspectives, 59(2), 246 –269.
O'Brien, T. L. (2016). Judging Expertise: Gender and the Negotiation of Expert Authority in Courts. Social Currents, 3(4), 315-331.
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