Timothy L. O’Brien

Assistant Professor
 (414) 229-5820
 Bolton Hall 744

Personal webpage

Spring Semester Office Hours:

Mondays & Wednesdays 2:00-4:00pm and by appointment


PhD, Sociology, Indiana University

Areas of Specialization

Sociology of Law; Sociology of Science/Knowledge; Political Sociology; Sociology of Religion


Spring 2018
SOCIOL 101-001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCIOL 342-001: Sociology of Law
Fall 2017
SOCIOL 101-001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCIOL 750-001: Research Methods in Sociology

Selected Publications

Noy, S., & O’Brien, T. L. (2017). An Intersectional Analysis of Perspectives on Science and Religion in the United States. The Sociological Quarterly.
Gauchat, G. W., O’Brien, T. L., & Mirosa, O. (2017). The Legitimacy of Environmental Scientists in the Public Sphere. Climatic Change, 143(3-4), 297-306.
O’Brien, T. L. (2016). Judging Expertise: Gender and the Negotiation of Expert Authority in Courts. Social Currents, 3(4), 315-331.
O’Brien, T. L. (2016). The Cultural Authority of Stem Cell Researchers. Stem Cell & Translational Investigation, 3(e1420).
O’Brien, T. L., & Pizmony-Levy, O. (2016). Going Public, Gaining Credibility: Student Perceptions of Publicly Engaged Scholars. Sociological Perspectives, 59(2), 246 –269.
Noy, S., & O’Brien, T. L. (2016). A Nation Divided: Science, Religion, and Public Opinion in the United States. Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, 2, 1-15.
O’Brien, T. L., & Noy, S. (2015). Traditional, Modern, and Post-Secular Perspectives on Science and Religion in the United States. American Sociological Review, 80(1), 92-115.
O’Brien, T. L. (2013). Education and Support for Scientists and Elected Officials in Public Policy Decisions. Science and Public Policy, 40, 340-353.
O’Brien, T. L. (2012, May). Change in Academic Coauthorship, 1953–2003. Science, Technology, & Human Values, 37(3), 210-234.