Nitkowski, Jenna

Doctoral Student & Research Assistant

Research Assistant, Institute for Child and Family Well-Being, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Mersky, Joshua P., Colleen E. Janczewski, and Jenna C. Nitkowski. 2018. "Poor Mental Health Among Low-Income Women in the US: The Roles of Adverse Childhood and Adult Experiences." Social Science & Medicine 206:14-21.


Nitkowski, Jenna and Colleen Janczewski. 2018. "Easier Said Than Done: Can Differential Response Really Improve Access to Early Services?" Presented at the 25th Annual American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Colloquium: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nitkowski, Jenna. 2017. “Physical Environmental Condition and Crime in Milwaukee.” Presented at the 2017 Annual Midwest Sociological Society Meeting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.