Ann Lennarson Greer

Professor Emerita


PhD, Sociology, Northwestern University

Positions, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

2011-present, Professor Emerita
[date]-2011, Professor
1979-[date], Associate Professor
1972-1979, Assistant Professor

Selected Publications

Varabyova, Y., Blankart, C. R., Greer, A. L., & Schreyögg, J. (2017). The Determinants of Medical Technology Adoption in Decisional Systems: A Systematic Literature Review. Health Policy, 121(3), 230-242.
Brousseau, D. C., Nimmer, M. R., Yunk, N. L., Nattinger, A. B., & Greer, A. L. (2011). Nonurgent Emergency-Department Care: Analysis of Parent and Primary Physician Perspectives. Pediatrics, 127, e375-e381.
Sisk, J., Greer, A. L., Wojtowycz, M., Pincus, L., & Aubry, R. (2004). Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: Evaluation of an Opinion-Leader Strategy To Improve Breastfeeding Rates. American J. of Obstetric and Gynecology, 190, 413-421.
Greer, A. L., Goodwin, J. S., Freeman, J. L., & Wu, Z. H. (2002). Bringing the Patient Back in: Guidelines, Practice Variations and the Social Context of Medical Practice. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 18(4), 747-761.
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Greer, A. L. (2000). Consumer Involvement in Health System Priority-setting, Decision-making and Evaluation. System Science in Health Care I, 18-21.
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