Chan, Esther

Assistant Professor

Spring 2022 Office Hours

Tuesdays 3:00-5:00pm virtually, on Zoom


PhD, Sociology, Yale University

Areas of Specialization

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; Religion; Science and Medicine; Gender and Sexuality; Mixed Methods

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2022
SOCIOL 224-201: Race and Ethnicity in the United States

Prior Teaching Schedule

Fall 2021
SOCIOL 361-201: Research Methods in Sociology
SOCIOL 979-201: Qualitative Research Methods

Spring 2021
SOCIOL 224-201: Race and Ethnicity in the United States

Fall 2020
SOCIOL 361-001: Research Methods in Sociology
SOCIOL 979-001: Qualitative Research Methods

Selected Publications:

Chan, Esther. Forthcoming. “Does Diversity Include Me? Colorblindness and Racial Triangulation Among Asian Americans on Two College Campuses.” Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Chan, Esther. 2018. “Are the Religious Suspicious of Science? Investigating Religiosity, Religious Context, and Orientations Towards Science Cross-Nationally.” Public Understandings of Science 27(8):967-984. 

Collins, Stephen C., Soorin Kim, and Esther Chan. 2018. “Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Utilization of Prayer and Clergy Counseling by Infertile US Women Desiring Pregnancy.” Journal of Religion and Health 57(6): 2230–2240.

Collins, Stephen C. and Esther Chan. 2017. “Sociocultural Determinants of US Women’s Ethical Views on Various Fertility Treatments.” Reproductive BioMedicine Online 35(6):669-677.

Ecklund, Elaine Howard, Jared Peifer, Virginia White, and Esther Chan. 2017. “Moral Schemas in Articulation and Intuition: How Religious People Evaluate Human Reproductive Genetic Technologies.” Sociological Forum 32(2):277-297.

Chan, Esther and Elaine Howard Ecklund. 2016. “Narrating and Navigating Authorities: Evangelical and Mainline Protestant Interpretations of the Bible and Science.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55(1):54-69.

Chan, Esther. 2015. “Complementarianism as Doctrine and Governance: Narratives on

Women’s Leadership among Second-Generation Asian Americans.” Review of Religious Research 57(3):435-452. 

Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth, Esther Chan, and Elaine Howard Ecklund. 2015. “Perceptions of Science Education among African American and White Evangelicals.” Review of Religious Research 57(1):131-148.

Ecklund, Elaine Howard, Celina Davila, Michael Emerson, Samuel Kye, and Esther Chan. 2013. “Motivating Civic Engagement: In-Group versus Out-Group Service Orientations among Mexican Americans in Religious and Nonreligious Organizations.” Sociology of Religion 74 (3):370-391.