Overview for Future Students

The UWM Department of Sociology offers MA and PhD degrees in sociology.

Our MA prepares students for both applied careers and further academic study. Many of our MA graduates are applying their skills in careers in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private businesses, while many others have continued to PhD study.

Our PhD prepares students for research and teaching careers in colleges, universities, and various applied settings. Students develop proficiency in both research and teaching, and develop specific expertise within one of two broad areas:

  • Social Inequalities (including topics in race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class) or
  • Social Institutions (including topics in politics, crime, health, work, education, organizations, science, and culture).

Both the MA and PhD feature a solid foundation in sociological research methods, theory, and analytic skills. Our graduate programs are small enough for students to enjoy ready access to advising by faculty, and to develop strong camaraderie with fellow students, but large enough to accommodate a wide range of sociological interests and a variety of methodological approaches. Our faculty includes innovative researchers and dynamic teachers who share deep commitments to advancing sociological knowledge and encouraging student success. We strive for excellence and diversity among our students and faculty.

We invite you to explore further on our website, and hope that you will be interested in applying. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Typically, applicants’ previous degree (the BA for MA applicants, or the MA for PhD applicants) is in sociology or a related field, but potential applicants whose backgrounds are in other disciplines are also welcome to contact us to discuss possibilities. We also permit BA holders to directly apply to our PhD program. Students who are interested in funding support (tuition and stipend, in the form of a teaching assistantship or fellowship) can indicate this in their application.

We accept students for fall admission only; for best consideration, applications should be received by January 10, but if space permits we continue to review applications until mid-April.

See more information on our graduate programs:

The following UWM Graduate School links provide further details about the programs and application procedures. Admission to the UWM Department of Sociology’s graduate programs requires admission to the UWM Graduate School.