Recent MA Papers/Theses

Our graduate students address a broad spectrum of sociological questions and methodological perspectives in their research. This breadth of interests is evident in the list below of the department’s recent MA theses and papers.


  • E. Dorshorst, Polarization of Abortion Attitudes in the United States: Political Identity, Religious Conservatism, and Gender Attitudes
  • G. Goldman, New Economy, New Racism? Comparing Black and White Demand for Redistribution, 1978 to 2014
  • K. James, Public Perceptions of Feminism and Other Social Justice Movements in the Contemporary US
  • H. Marahrens, The Public Perception of Biologists as Cultural Authorities on Human Origins
  • D. Post, Socio-Political Production of Liberal Attitudes in India


  • M. BlomWillis, What Role do Parental Culture and Structure Play in the Adoption Process
  • A. Bryan, Science Literacy and Cultural Capital: Intergenerational Factors in the Production of Science Knowledge
  • E. Callahan, Electronic Patient/Provider Communication: Exploring Access, Use and Benefits
  • K. Fredricks, Racialized Representation in Preschool Television Programming
  • E. Schulz, Visual and Rhetorical Representations of Victimization and Perpetration: A Content Analysis of Current Anti-Trafficking Campaigns in the US
  • R. Verde, Feminist Discourses in the Critical and Popular Receptions of Fifty Shades of Grey and Story of O


  • M. Alvelo-Rivera, Sequencing Success: The InterPlay of Opportunities, Resources, Tactics, and Framing in the Triumph of the Villas Del Sol Squatter Movement
  • K. Brown, Concerted Cultivation, Invisible Disability and Achievement
  • L. Chang, An Exploration of how Student Gender, Generational Status, and perceptions Influence parental Aspirations and Educational Achievement
  • D. Lashua, Extremism and Democracy: How Ideology Affects Forms of Political Participation
  • M. Salzman, The Nonprofit Middleman


  • R. Cusatis, Self-Reports of Physical Activity: Do Different Methods of Data Collection Tell a Different Story?
  • A. Duran Lopez, Where Voting Intersects with Unconventional Political Participation: Types of Participants in the European Union
  • B. Gilberston, Finding Its Place: The Effect of Race on Drug Court Outcomes
  • B. Held, Family Formations and Modern Costs: Does Parental Structure Influence Student Debt?
  • E. Klainot-Hess, Comparing Mobilization in the Wisconsin and Ohio 2011 Anti-Collective Bargaining Bills Protests
  • E. Nebel, The Communicative Body: An Examination of Body Consciousness Among the Deaf
  • T. Petrovic, Psychological Wellbeing in Older Adults: The Effects of Perceived Support and Negative Interaction with the Religious Congregation
  • K. Ritchhart, Is Chivalry Still Present within the Sentencing of Female Offenders?
  • J. Schopp, Social Network Diversity and the Educational Experiences of Biracial/Multicultural Students


  • K. Anderson-Lamb, Gender as a Social Determinant of Food Insecurity Among Women in Malawi
  • B. Nimke, The Employability of Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans: An Examination of the Benefits of Veteran Service Utilization
  • C. Hawley, Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Competence: An Analysis of a Medical Textbook
  • C. Bentley, Young Adults, Parents and Religiosity: An Examination of Prolonged Dependence and parental Influence over Religious Beliefs, Behaviors, and Affiliations of Young Adult Children
  • T. Calkins, The Wild Hunt for Omnivores: Socioeconomic Stratification and Taste in Music
  • A. Coleman, Intervention and Outcomes: The Impact of Upward Bound and Talent Search on Occupational Prestige
  • C. Mathes, Spousal Strain and Caregiver Depression: Does the Marital Relationship influence the Association between Caregiving and Depression?
  • M. McCarthy, Anonymous’ and Wikileaks’ War Against Information Asymmetry
  • M. McDonald, Can Social or Cultural Capital explain a Connection between Performing Arts Extracurricular Activities and Enhanced Student Outcomes?
  • K. Smith, The Effect of Racial Mismatch and Teacher Perceptions and Expectations on African American Male Student Achievement
  • B. Schreiber, The Effect of Studying Abroad on Racial/Ethnic Attitudes and Tolerance


  • B. Johnson, Does Work-Related Information and Communication Technology Use Influence Employee Perceptions of Productivity and Distress?
  • J. Austin, Grandparent to the Rescue? Maternal Depression, Pre-School Aged Children, and the Co-Residence of a Grandparent
  • M. Caldwell, Finding Hidden Wells on Food Desert Islands: Racial Segregation, Poverty Concentration and Provisional Food Options
  • J. Coutley, The Continuing Class Politics Debate: Three Models of Class Voting in the 2008 Presidential Election
  • D. Wolover, A New Media Fueled Revolution:” U.S. Embassy Cables, Wikileaks, and the Tunisian Revolution
  • P. Lee, Interracial Dating and the Hmong Community: Internal Conflict and the “good” Hmong Woman
  • N. Merrill, Assessing Identity Formation among Black-White Biracial People