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Exploring Technology’s Impact On Relationships

Professor Noelle Chesley talks with UWM Today about how our digital lives are deeply connected with our social experiences.

Sociology Students, Daniel Bartholomay and Jesse Campa Receive Graduate Fellowship Awards

The UWM Graduate School recently recognized the recipients of the 2018 Graduate Student Fellowship. Among the attendees were two Sociology students, Daniel Bartholomay and Jesse Campa.

Daniel Bartholomay, Sociology Doctoral Dissertator, served as an academic expert on WPR’s “The Morning Show”

Daniel Bartholomay, Sociology Doctoral Dissertator, served as an academic expert for a discussion of the “Rainbow Wave” on WPR’s “The Morning Show” on September 27th. 

Associate Professor Noelle Chesley to deliver Keynote Address at the Fifth International Conference on Wellbeing at Work in Paris

Associate Professor Noelle Chesley will deliver a keynote address in May 2019 at the Fifth International Conference on Wellbeing at Work hosted by French National Research and Safety Institute (INRS). The title of the keynote address is: “Changing Work and Worker Well-Being: Which Changes Matter Most? Which Opportunities and Challenges are Most Critical?”

Professors Collaborate at the Corner of Tech and Health

UWM Sociology professor Noelle Chesley and Psychology professor Hobart Davies, along with Health Sciences professor Jake Luo are working together to accomplish amazing things with the TecHealth Initiative. Founded by the three professors, the Initiative aims to bring together scholars from multiple disciplines to solve problems at the intersection of technology and health care.

“The Role of Privacy and Technology in Adolescent Health”

Assistant Professor Celeste Campos-Castillo delivered the keynote address last Saturday, June 9th at the Wisconsin PATCH (Providers and Teens Communicating for Health) Cultural Competency Summit. The title of her address was “The Role of Privacy and Technology in Adolescent Health.

“Trust In Climate Scientists”

UWM Sociology Professor Gordon Gauchat talks about the relationship between distrust in climate scientists and being skeptical of climate change and mitigation policies.

“Two Takes On Milwaukee’s Lead In Water Challenge”

UWM Sociology Professor Noelle Chesley discusses her proposed research to conduct an evaluation of the Milwaukee Water Filter program in a recent interview by Wisconsin Public Radio. She hopes her research can help families so fewer kids are impacted by lead contaminated water.

“Op Ed: How City Should Solve Lead in Water”

Noelle Chesley, Associate Professor of Sociology, along with UWM colleagues Anne Dressel, John Berges, and Helen Meier, discuss the lead exposure in the City of Milwaukee’s water system and how the city should solve the issue in the recent article “How City Should Solve Lead in Water” from Urban Milwaukee.

PhD Student Michael Miner Earns First Prize in Competition

PhD student Michael Miner receives first prize in the Midwest Sociological Society’s graduate student paper competition for his paper “Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and the Shortage in Primary Healthcare: Professional Autonomy in the Public Discourse.” Congratulations Michael!