Older Adults & Hoarding:
Where Do We Go From Here?

A World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Event, June 13, 2019
Presented by the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare’s
Office of Applied Gerontology

Hoarding is an important topic that pertains to older adults, as hoarding tendencies can often worsen across the lifespan. Hoarding is linked to a variety of conditions including dementia, mental illness, attention problems, physical impairments, and medical comorbidity. Yet there is limited attention given to the impact of hoarding on older adults as they age. This seminar will focus on older adults and will provide recommendations for how to handle hoarding within this age group.

  • Carla Alejo, Elizbeth Johnson, Colleen Galambos, Mark A. Silverman and Liz Oettiker


Dr. Colleen Galambos

Opening Remarks
Helen Bader Endowed Chair in Applied Gerontology


Carla Alejo

Director of In-Home Support Services and the Hoarding Intervention and Treatment Program, Catholic Charities


Elizabeth Johnson

In-Home Therapist with the Hoarding Intervention and Treatment Program, Catholic Charities Milwaukee


Liz Oettiker

Elder Abuse Program Coordinator, Milwaukee County Department on Aging


Mark A. Silverman

Attorney, Legal Action of Wisconsin