Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for Substance Misuse is a comprehensive and integrated approach to the delivery of early intervention and treatment services for substance misuse.

This is a paid actor portraying an individual with substance misuse issues (unrehearsed).
SBIRT Training Grant Description
  • The SBIRT for Substance Misuse Training Program at UWM will train multidisciplinary teams of Masters-level social work (MSW) students, student nurse practitioners, and medical residents in the SBIRT model. The teams will be trained in community health centers serving the medically vulnerable in urban Milwaukee, an area known for high rates of substance misuse, and will be trained in both classroom and supervised patient practice settings. Upon successful completion, students will earn state certification to provide SBIRT services, which are reimbursable in the State of Wisconsin.
  • In addition, we will train and state certify, through continuing education, 125 health professionals, including social work field supervisors. In total, we will expose 320 social work students to SBIRT and train and state certify 275 health professionals, the majority of whom will be students, to provide reimbursable SBIRT services.
  • The project goals are to (1) teach all MSW students the SBIRT module, and to teach a subset of interested MSW students the SBIRT course material for state certification; (2) train already licensed professionals, in particular social work field supervisors, in SBIRT in order to support student practice in the field and to provide an immediate workforce that can deliver reimbursable SBIRT services; and (3) promote SBIRT implementation, ongoing practice, and student training among participating community health centers serving the medically vulnerable.
SBIRT Training and Certification Program for MSW students

The SBIRT for Substance Misuse Training Program at UWM is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).Grant #TI025412

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