HBSSW Field Response to COVID-19 Crisis


On behalf of our Field Education Team, we hope that you are managing this global crisis as best as can be expected.  Our primary concern is for your safety and welfare and we have been working all week on the Field Contingency Plan, which is attached and will also be posted on your Field Canvas site and our Field website.  Many students have already been suspended from being physically present at the agency site and these numbers will increase.  There is also a possibility that there will be an administrative decision to suspend all UWM on-site field practicums in the near future.

There have been several emergency adjustments made within the last two weeks to accommodate our field students including:

– A reduction in field hours for BSW and MSW students in the following courses (421, 422, 821, 822, 921).  Unfortunately, due to the variance in MSW curriculum plans it is not possible to change the 721/722 field requirements at this time.

-We have also adjusted the requirements for an employment-based field practicum so please direct any questions about these changes to your field liaison if you are currently employed in a social service program providing direct services to clients.

-We are allowing students to apply the time spent on completing field assignments to their total field hours for spring and summer semesters.

-We are also allowing a carry-over in excess field hours from last semester to be applied toward this semester’s new total field hour requirement.

If your agency field instructor has not provided contingency field assignments and you are no longer at the practicum site you will need to complete contingency activities from the comprehensive list found on your field liaison’s field documentation Canvas site.  Please read the instructions as you will need to complete the required summaries and complete the Field Contingency form and upload on the Field document Canvas site to receive credit for the activity.  We are providing a lot of excellent options so please select activities that will enhance your knowledge and build upon your competency development.

We hope you do everything recommended to stay safe and avoid social contact as much as possible!

Field Education

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MSW- Introduction to Field Education and Placement Process (PPT)
For students who will begin their first placement the following semester.

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Orientation to Field Education Practicum (PPT)
Mandatory for students beginning their first semester of field education.

Field Hour Verification Form
Use this form to record your hours during your field placement.

Clinical Field Placement Verification Form
  • Clinical Field Placement Verification Form – Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
  • This form is only relevant for graduate students who have had a clinical field placement and want to document this for the purposes of a future application for the Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) credential. A student may request that the field liaison complete this form at the close of their clinical field placement so that the student has verification of the clinical nature of the field placement documented for their future LCSW application.
  • Students may direct questions about this form to their field liaison. For more information about social work credentialing in Wisconsin, including LCSW, see the health profession web pages of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

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