Program Overview

The MSW Advanced Curriculum maximizes student choice and flexibility. MSW students choose which populations and practice skills to emphasize in preparation for contemporary advanced social work practice.

The curriculum core includes courses related to social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Within the core, students also obtain knowledge and skills in the areas of social welfare policy, social justice, and evaluation.

Beyond the curriculum core, students choose electives from areas that include:

  • Behavioral and mental health;
  • Child and family well-being;
  • Clinical social work;
  • Gerontology;
  • Physical health;
  • School social work;
  • Substance abuse counseling;
  • Trauma-informed care.

MSW Advanced Standing Curriculum

If your BSW degree was earned from an accredited BSW program within 5 years of starting the MSW program, then you automatically begin in the Advanced Standing portion of the MSW curriculum and will have 34 credits to complete the MSW degree. These 34 credits include 4 core courses taken by all MSW students (12 credits), 13 credits of electives, and 3 consecutive semesters that will involve Field Placement (9 credits).

MSW Professional Foundation Curriculum

If your bachelor’s degree is in a discipline other than social work or if your BSW was earned more than 5 years ago prior to your start of the MSW Program, then you are required to satisfy the MSW Professional Foundation curriculum (22 credits) prior to beginning the Advanced Curriculum.