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Criminal Justice Policy and Administration
Criminal Justice Process
Substance Abuse

UWM researcher looks at children who are caregivers

Assistant Professor Melinda Kavanaugh

Aged to Perfection
An Introduction to Aging

Center for Aging and Translational Research

IAMUWM: Larry Davis

Associate Professor David J. Pate Jr.

TEDx UW-Milwaukee
The Power of Choice

Associate Professor Joan Blakey

4th Street Forum
Living as a Low-Wage Worker

Associate Professor David J. Pate, Jr.

Associated Press
Music and Memory Evaluation Project

Associate Professor Jung Kwak

Social Work Ph.D. Program –
Addiction and Behavioral Health

Associate Professor Lisa Berger

4th Street Forum
Dying Wisely and Well

Associate Professor Jung Kwak

4th Street Forum
Beyond the Bars: Modern Crime Fighting

Dean and Professor Stan Stojkovic