Principal Investigator: James Topitzes

Funding Source: Wisconsin Partnership Project and Bader Philanthropies

Co-Investigators: Joshua Mersky and David Pate

Period: 1/1/17 – 12/31/21

Collaborating Agency: Community Advocates Public Policy Institute

Research Overview: Healthy Worker, Healthy Wisconsin is a Milwaukee area initiative funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Project and facilitated by Community Advocates Public Policy Institute in partnership with the Institute for Child and Family Well-Being at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This local job enhancement initiative aims to strengthen employment services by increasing access to health and mental health care for job-seeking adults. In addition to supporting current job placement programming, the Healthy Worker, Healthy Wisconsin project will help job service participants: (a) obtain health insurance coverage, (b) establish care with a primary care physician, and (c) complete a trauma screening protocol, brief intervention and referral to treatment or T-SBIRT protocol. Project leaders expect these enhancements to improve employment outcomes for job service recipients and strengthen the case for widespread adoption of successful job service programming statewide.