A Criminal Justice & Criminology Minor can strengthen your education. It’s a strong complement for students studying journalism, politics, sociology, social work, political science, or philosophy; students who plan on attending law school; or students who seek careers in public service.

Declare a Criminal Justice & Criminology Minor

This track requires a minimum of 18 credits in the following courses. Six elective credits in criminal justice & criminology courses at the 300 level or above are required. Credits earned in CRM JST 311 (Field Experience) and CRM JST 599 (Independent Reading) do not count toward the minimum 18 credits required for this minor.

CRM JST 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRM JST 271 Introduction to Policing 3
CRM JST 273 Introduction to Corrections 3
CRM JST 275 Introduction to Criminal Courts 3
300 level Upper Level Criminal Justice Electives (2) 6