Principal Investigator: Colleen Janczewski

Co-Investigator: Joshua Mersky

Funding Source: Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation

Period: 1/1/19 – 12/31/21

Research Overview: The Community Response and Prevention Social Work Evaluation aims to assess the impact of the Community Response Program (CRP) in Dodge and Jefferson Counties. Two county CPS agencies are working to implement CRP with families experiencing CPS reports or at risk of being involved in child protective services. CRP aims to provide children with safe, stable, and nurturing environments by providing connections to services, case management, and skill-building for parents and caregivers. As part of the formative evaluation, qualitative data are gathered through semi-structured interviews with staff to understand the implementation process. Post-service family surveys assess clients experience in CRP and the extent to which they felt that their service needs were met.