Students are accepted in the spring of each year for admission in the following fall semester. Between three and five students are typically accepted in each cohort. The deadline to apply is January 2.

To apply, enter the Graduate School’s online application portal here.

Step 1: Fill in all blanks of the application form and submit the application fee.

Step 2: In the appropriate space, upload a current copy of your professional résumé or curriculum vitae.

Step 3: Upload a copy of your personal statement. In the statement you should address:

  • Your reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree;
  • Your goals as a future scholar;
  • The reason you believe our program will be a good fit with your interests;
  • A topic or issue in the field you consider to be particularly challenging and worthy of study. You may also provide other information you consider relevant regarding your commitment to criminal justice or social work in the academic arena.

Step 4: Into the “Documents” section, upload a sample of your written work that demonstrates your writing skills, ability to think analytically, and knowledge of theory, practice, and research. Published works reporting research results are best, but please indicate your precise role in the project if you submit a co-authored publication. Also acceptable is a sole-authored student paper, if written within the past five years.

The following materials are not acceptable evidence of your scholarship: bibliographies (even if annotated); group projects; book reviews; teaching/content outline for classes; abstracts without full text.

Step 5: One official transcript from each academic institution you have attended.

Step 6: If applicable, upload scores from within the past two years on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Step 7: In the space indicated, identify at least three but no more than four individuals from whom you will request letters of recommendation. They should be persons who are familiar with your achievements and academic potential, including at least one current or former employment supervisor and a current or former instructor (a graduate instructor if applicable).